EPS is expected to be aggressive on the trade deadline, despite a slow start in the open-ended NFC East


League sources report that the Eagles have made a slow start and are devastated by injuries to some particular groups but are very much alive in a brutal NFC East and are aggressively approaching trade deadlines, league sources he said. General Manager Howie Rosman is one of the more active officials in the league and has already sent signals to several teams that he is interested in acquiring some of his talent if he is open to it.

Philadelphia’s roster is constantly being reshuffled, with the offensive line and receiver group frequently reeling from injuries and failures. The team’s linebackers have been heavily criticized for repeatedly breaking coverage in recent weeks, and the Eagles can stand to improve on both sides of the ball outside the defensive line, which has been prominent.

A rival general manager said, “Howie is already on the prowl.” “He is looking for action. If a trade is made he will do it. Getting into a free agent from outside is now difficult and more risky with COVID, and he prefers to make trades anyway . I’ll bet you. Anything is done before that deadline. ”

Quarterback Carson Wentz has had the worst season of his career, at least in part due to a reshuffle in the roster, although the team has high hopes that many of those crucial injured veterans will return in the second half of the season. The lineman, an area of ​​consideration in the early rounds of the draft, is an area of ​​focus for the team, according to some who were in contact with Rosman.

The Eagles are just 1-3-1, with the Bengals coming up against the rebuilding of the tie, but expect the division race to be thick throughout the season and with improved health may still be a factor in January. They trail Dallas by just half a game – the Cowboys started quarterback Dac Prescott for the season last week – and while the Eagles faced a daunting task against Baltimore, starting an offensive line that experienced Kendra is completely insecure outside of Jason. Kelce, they face the Giants on Thursday night and then prefix a weekend before the trade deadline, which will be active for Rosman.

The Eagles’ next three games are against struggling divisional opponents, the Giants (twice) and the Cowboys, before facing a more challenging part of the schedule.

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