Epic is offering a different free game every day for the rest of the year

Epic game

If you are a gamer – or just travel Cheapskate Sometimes – you probably know Epic game Gives at least one free game every Thursday. Epic is shaking things up a bit in the remaining days of 2020. Every year until the beginning of the new year Epic is offering a different free game. So not only will you need to act fast to grab your free game, but it often pays to check. If you play your card properly, you have a chance to play 10 more games in 2021.

Wednesday is a free game Tropico 5, The fifth installment in everyone’s favorite dictator simulator. This $ 20 title is all about how well you can control your island nation and flourish in the 21st century from colonial times.

After wednesday, i will vacation with me Oculus Quest 2 And the Stadia account for the rest of the week. If you’re curious, it looks like the remaining games, although the weekend will be inside, the darkest dungeon, my time in Portia and the night in the woods (if you want to know more then these links go to their respective pages at Gamespot Huh). Want one of these for free? You have to start at 8 am PT (11 pm ET) each morning to claim the day’s game, after which it will be replaced by the next day’s entry.

If you’re new to Epic’s weekly route, here’s how it works: If you don’t already have one, sign up for your free Epic account. So just get to keep your free game, yours forever. You do not need to install it immediately if you do not want to.

The full list of daily free games for the rest of the year has been leaked. According to unaffected Twitter user @jovanmunja, the list of games for the rest of the year looks like this. After tweeting this on 18 December, the list matches the releases we’ve seen so far, and this is the list I’m already trusting in the article to say who’s on the holiday weekend Games will be for Tombs:

Epic Games did not respond to a request for comment on the list, but as stated, it is accurate so far, so we have no reason to believe that the rest of the games are not coming to the list either.

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This article is regularly updated with the current week’s free games.

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