Epic Games Store has three free games to claim this week

20XX, Barony and Superbider: Sword and Swordsier EP

It’s one thing to stack a PC game backlog with a new game or two every week, but three at a time? And there is no end in sight? I look forward to seeing what the Epic Games store will look like in five years.

For the time being, if you are in the habit of claiming these free games, then keep going.

Mega man x-Rupestad Rugulike Platformer 20XXFirst person co-op rogaulike rpg Baroni, And the surest audio-visual adventure Superbider: Sword and Sorcerer EP Free until August 6, 2020. Baroni Removes me but 20XX Looks spot-on as an action game and Sword and sword Necessary.

Next week’s freebie is one of my favorites of 2019 – and one of my favorite co-op games. Wilmot Warehouse, A game about the organization, will be free from 6–13 August. its way too under the radar.

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