Epic Games Launcher will receive a patch to fix CPU usage (update)

Have you ever wondered what your CPU is doing when the Epic Game Launcher is running in the background. In fact, with Ryzen processors, it can obviously increase your purchase temp by 20 ° C.

Yes, the Epic Game Launcher responsible for being rogue on Ryzen processors has a bug that only IDLE should have. Although the good news is, it turns out, is known, and will be fixed soon. The observation was posted on Reddit where wild theories popped up, such as applications using users’ PCs for mine cryptocurrency or even used as malware. The application uses 10 to 20% CPU in idle.

The developer of the Epic Games application was Sergi Gelionkin, who confirmed that his team had already identified the problem and was implementing a solution that they are currently testing. At the moment it is unknown when the patch will be released to all users, but it is expected to happen soon. till then. Turn off the game launcher manually.

Update: Patch is out now. 11.02 launcher will update itself. As promised by Sergey Gallionkin, developer of the Epic Games application, the 11.0.2 update is now available that fixes the CPU usage issue that was affecting both AMD and Intel users.

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