Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney is fighting Apple, Google. He has been preparing for years.

Tim Weideni, the company’s chief executive behind the popular videogame “Fortnite”, is now leading a fight that app developers have waged against the world’s two biggest technology companies over the years.
And he is uniquely positioned to lead the battle against Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google. Mr. Sweeney and his company Epic Games Inc. have deep pockets. He is valued at more than $ 8.5 billion, and his company is valued at $ 17.3 billion, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index, with investments from several companies including the Walt Disney Company, Tencent Holdings Limited and Sony Corp.
Unlike those who have challenged Apple and Google, Epic is closely placed, meaning it reduces shareholders pressure. And “Fortnite” boasts a huge and loyal user base – with more than 350 million registered users worldwide – that has been stripped naked on social media to show its dismay about the situation.
“Tim is philanthropic and wants it to be a fight for the younger man,” said Mike Salmon, an executive at Magid Consulting, a videogame consulting firm in Los Angeles. He feels that Mr. Sweeney and Epic are now going down this path because of the hard antitrust scrutiny Apple and Google are facing and because Epic wants to move beyond strictly played computer games to build its own digital game store. is. “Epic is making a retail game,” he said.
Mr. Sweeney’s Epic pulled “Fortnite” from its App Store on Thursday after introducing a new way to make in-game purchases, eliminating the 30% cut that tech giants take from established digital transactions in Apple’s case Has been done. More than a decade ago and some developers called for less for years.

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