Epic game store only shows new free games available today

The Epic Games store is currently in the midst of its flagship holiday sale, showing some very harsh markdowns with countless titles on the store’s edge. However, in addition to the discounts, Epic is also offering a new game every day for the rest of the year. To date, the latest free offering on EGS has now been unveiled.

Before today, the live push on Epic Games Store, the new free title of the market, is available. Dark dark. Developed by Hinterland Studio, Dark dark Is a survival game that first came back in 2017. The title takes you to the harshness of the outdoors and still receives regular updates to this day.

As mentioned, however, if you’re looking to add Dark dark For your own PC library, you have to work faster. The game is available for free for a period of 24 hours only. If you do not make your way to the storefront before 11:00 AM EDT tomorrow morning, this promotion will end and you will have to pay the normal retail fare to pick up the game.

Dark dark This is just the third title the Epic Games store is giving as part of this ongoing holiday promotion. Closed as cheap two days ago City: Skylines And Oddworld: New ‘n Tasty Shipped out for free on sequential days. It remains to be seen what will happen in the next event, but it will not happen until we know.

If you want to continue to move forward with this promotion through the remainder of 2020, you can find coverage related to everything related to the Epic Game Store here.

So what do you think about this offering? Are you going to add Dark dark For your own PC library? And what are you looking forward to seeing for free in the coming days and weeks? Tell me in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter @ MooreMan12 To chat more.


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