Entertainment chairman NBP investigates allegations of racism, sexism, homophobia on staff: report

A report published on Friday examines NBC’s alleged chairman of his entertainment division, Paul Teggy, alleging that he made racially and sexually inappropriate gestures.

Several current and former employees, including big names such as Sharon Osbourne and Gabrielle Union, told The Hollywood Reporter (THR) that Telegdi created a toxic work environment where racist, sexist and homophobic behavior was allegedly “par for the course.”

Telegidy, for example, would reportedly use misconstrued abuses and openly engage in homophobic impersonation of peers. The romantic life of the top executive was apparently also among the employees. Three officers told THR that they overheard Telgi discussing a sexual encounter with a female musician and an industry associate.

Osbourne, a former “America’s Got Talent” (AGT) judge, similarly alleged that Telezi was engaged in inappropriate behavior with a woman whom he had brought to dinner for the AGT team. Osbourne reportedly said, “She was on her knee all evening and her tongue was down her throat and that was my introduction.”

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Telegdi has denied this allegation as well as another allegation in which he called Osbourne a “f —– g witch” after she revealed that her son was excluded from another show after he had multiple sclerosis. Was opposed to doing.

In a more general statement, Telgi stated: “The nature of these allegations flies in the face of everything for me. I hope that my work over the decades – empowering the people around me, supporting the artists, and making shows with values ​​of aspiration and inclusiveness at the core – speak louder than the selective words of some. “

More than media

The revelations came after the union, an actress and former judge on “Judge Talent of America’s Got Talent,” filed a complaint against NBC against the state of California for making disparaging and racist-based comments about the union’s presence.

In Friday’s report, THR said NBC executive Meredith Ahar had staff members who said the union’s hair was “too wild,” a note that the union took as a comment in her race. NBC said it investigated the matter and concluded that no comment was made about the Union’s hair.

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But issues surrounding race appeared to be a pattern, as another insider claimed that the notes often appeared to be related to one’s race.

Ahar allegedly attempted to tease Telegade by placing a photo on the desk of a black actress whom she had allegedly deemed ugly – something Ahar denied.

Ahar defended himself in a statement, saying: “I have spent my career striving to create an environment that gives people the opportunity to learn and grow, as well as diversity in our shows and in our executive ranks and Inclusion encompasses both. It is disastrous to see this false image portrayed by anonymous sources, and in no way reflect who I am. “

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A NBC spokesman said in a statement that he took the allegations “very seriously” and would investigate the issue.

“This narrative is not reflective of NBC Entertainment’s values ​​or the culture we try to create,” the spokesperson said.

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