England leave Foden Greenwood to bring women back to team hotel

Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood have been dropped from the England squad after violating quarantine rules by inviting women to the team hotel in Iceland.

20-year-old Foden and 18-year-old Greenwood made their senior international debuts on Saturday with a 1–0 UEFA Nations League win over Iceland.

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Icelandic website 433.is reported on Monday that the pair brought two women back to a hotel in England on Sunday, breaking strict isolation rules regarding COVID-19 in the country.

This prompted Gareth Southgate to drop both players from a Monday afternoon flight from Reykjavik to Copenhagen to England, where they would play Denmark on Tuesday evening.

Southgate said in a news conference, “Unfortunately this morning it was brought to mind that the two boys had broken the COVID guidelines in the context of our safe bubble. They could not negotiate with the rest of the team members.”

“Nothing has happened in our occupied areas in the hotel. We are still getting a depth of information. Still coming to grips with the expansion. We have taken measures to get space for so long and the entire squad has Has followed that. ” Letter.

“I am not going into any more details until I clarify everything. No one from outside the hotel is in our occupied areas. We are very clear that no other member of our party is in touch. No. Two players – could not attend breakfast or training. This is a very serious condition and we have treated it.

“I think at the moment I’m trying to get a lot of information. Obviously they are inexperienced, we have dealt with it appropriately. I recognize their age, but the whole world is dealing with this epidemic.” “

Iceland has to isolate visitors for the coming five days. The Football Association negotiated with the Icelandic government an elite game exemption for that rule, but the team still had to remain in a bio-safe bubble for the duration of their stay.

Southgate’s Premier Virtual News Conference was delayed by about an hour as the FA began an investigation into the incident.

United issued a statement which wrote: “Manchester United is establishing a relationship with the Football Association and is disappointed by Mason Greenwood’s actions on the situation.”

In his response, Siti was also a critic of Foden: “It is clear that Phil’s actions were completely inappropriate.”

“Their behavior not only violates strict guidelines directly related to COVID-19, but falls well below the expectations of the Manchester City and England player. The club supports the FA in relation to the incident.”

Both players are expected to return to England within the next 24 hours.

Southgate also said there was no danger of Denmark’s postponement of the match, as they disputed the specific suggestion in which the women entered the same area as the rest of the hotel.