Engel: IG report shows Pompeo’s ‘show off’ use of emergency declaration in arms sales

Top Democrats with State Department oversight said Tuesday that a monitoring report clarifies the Secretary of State’s Mike pompeoMichael (Mike) Richard Pompeo Angel: IG report shows Pompeo’s ‘show off’ overnight defense for emergency declaration in arms sales: Trump insists to restore full National Guard funding. Saudi arms sales on Hong Kong’s ‘turbulent situation’ Pelosi blames Sentinel at civilian risk: ‘The world is watching’ Abused his right to push through billions of dollars in arms sales to allies in the Middle East without congressional approval.

Rape Eliot EngelEliot Lance Engelgel: IG report used Pompeo’s ‘pretense’ of an emergency declaration in arms sales. Watchdog Pompeo Bowman withholds Alex Morse’s support after accusations of inappropriate sex on civilian risk of selling Saudi arms (DN.Y.), the chairman of the committee, questioned the report from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) published on Tuesday, which throws Pompeo’s declaration of emergency in May 2019 citing a month-long period. Delay on delivery of weapons as evidence.

Pompeo and State Department officials considered the findings of the OIG report as a victory that the Secretary and the agency, under their authority, had taken action to sell more than $ 8 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Jordan, which in May Was to “prevent Iranian aggression”. 2019

At the time, the emergency declaration allowed the Trump administration to move around Congress, working with the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen to curb arms sales over concerns of human rights abuses and civilian casualties, as well as Riyadh. Was punished for murder. Jamal Khashogi

The OIG report said the secretary worked within his authority to push through the sale of weapons, but criticized the department for ensuring that American weapons were not used against civilians.

Yet Engel argued that the details of the OIG report question the Secretary’s motivations for the announcement.

“Nobody ever doubted that the law provides for the right to expedite the sale of arms in case of emergency. The question was always, ‘Did the administration abuse that right to give the Gulf countries more than $ 8 billion in sales?’ Engel said in a statement.

“The IG did not give an opinion on that. But the report’s description gives a brilliant hint, ‘Yes.’ I think that is why the department insisted on giving the most salute information again and trying to explain what the report was before. ”

An unrestricted version of the report was sent to all members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and in a copy received by Hill, the deadline for preparations for the emergency declaration was initially not seen in the new version had gone.

The report was first reported by Politico.

The OIG report states that as of March 2019, the Congress hold had blocked at least 16 arms transfers to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

In an unexpected timeline, OIG said that in early April, Pompeo requested its employees to focus on how the department could move forward on transferring arms sales and with the idea of ​​an emergency declaration Was presented.

On 4 May, Pompeo instructed his employees to prepare the certification for 24 May.

The timeline continues that Pompeo briefed Congress on the Iranian threat on May 21 and then made an emergency declaration as planned on May 24.

The report detailed the weapons sent under the Emergency Declaration and the timing of their delivery. The OIG found that Precision Guided Munitions were the first weapons transferred under the Declaration. The OIG in its report criticized the agency for ensuring that there is no risk of use of PGMs that would harm citizens.

The OIG found that at the time of its review, only $ 20 million of the $ 3.9 billion of foreign military sales involved in the emergency had been implemented. The report also found that five of the expected 22 arms transfers would not be available until 2020 or later.

“What kind of emergency is known by itself a few months in advance and can be resolved with weapons given years later?” Engel asked in his statement on Tuesday, and called the use of the emergency declaration a “sham”.

“This report tells us everything that we suspected: Emergency was a show. It was cooked up for Congress to review bad policy elections. And ever since Mr. Pompeo declared that ’emergency’, he and his top lieutenants had done the work of burying the truth, ‘”he said.

The State Department reiterated in a statement on Tuesday that the OIG report found Pompeo had acted within the guidelines of the Emergency Declaration.

“As the Secretary clarified in Emergency Certification in May of 2019, the situation in the Gulf clearly justifies the use of statutory authority in the Arms Export Control Act,” said a State Department spokesman. “And following the report from the Office of the Inspector General, it is clear that the IGs also agreed that the statutory requirements were complied with, as they found no wrongdoing in the sale of emergency weapons and explicitly stated that the Secretary had given the certification fine Executed and complied with requirements outlined in the Arms Export Control Act. ”

Democrats are also focused on the findings of the OIG because of the surrounding circumstances under their scrutiny President TrumpDonald John Trumpdemocrat calls in White House to withdraw ambassador to Belarus, Nominee Tiktok collects data from mobile devices to track Android users: report Peterson wins Minnesota House primary in critical swing districtIn mid-May, State Department Inspector General Steve Linnick suddenly fired at Pompeo’s request.

Linic had launched an investigation into Saudi arms sales at the request of Congress.

Engel is leading the inquiry into the chairmanship of the House committee, as well as oversight and reform, Rep. Carolyn MaloneyCarolyn Bosher Maloneijl: IG report shows Pompeo’s ‘showing off’ of emergency declaration in arms sales says state watchdog report to be cleared OVERNIGHT ENERGY: Watchdog weighs Trump’s investigation at Pebble Mine. Finalizes internal public land Headquarters advances west over congressional objections. EPA to issue methane rollback: report more (DN.Y.) and Sen. ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Bob menendezRobert (Bob) MenendezSenators calls for EU to remove tariffs on food, wine, spirits: report VOA visa decision may put Venezuela coverage down (DN.J.).

Pompeo, while on an official visit to Europe, Took to twitter Holding the report as exaggerating the department and criticizing Engel and Mendez as misusing their committees for political games. ”

Menendez said the report showed “there was no national security emergency.”

“The truth is that there was not a national security emergency … unless your coding of the Saudi Crown Prince counts as one. Stop the readings and gaslighting to avoid accountability. Less catering work on Congressional oversight, please, ” He wrote on twitter.