Employee Accused Of Selling FIFA Ultimate Team Rare Cards To FIFA 21 Players

Offside or sideways?

Electronic Arts has announced that it has begun a “thorough investigation” into allegations that one of its employees sold rare FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) cards directly to gamers. FIFA 21 community.

In what the Internet has called #EAGate, (because, of course, it has), several Twitter users posted images, compiled by Eurogamer, that claim to show evidence of agreements made between FIFA players and at least one EA employee via direct. Courier services.

The alleged transactions revolve around the direct sale of FUT’s “Icon Moments” – incredibly rare cards based on legendary footballers such as Pele, Zinedine Zidane and Ruud Guillet. A tweet shows an alleged transaction which features an Icon Moment and two Team of the Year cards that change hands for a total of € 1,000 (approximately $ 1,200 USD). Another example it supposedly shows three Icon Moments and two Team of the Year cards that are selling off the market for € 1,700 (or around $ 2,000 USD).

This morning, Electronic Arts issued an official statement about the scandal, announcing that it was in the process of launching a full investigation into the situation. “We understand how this raises concerns about the unfair balance in the game and the competition,” said the editor on Twitter …

… because sometimes an auction is written on its own.

FIFA 21 rocked by “EAGate” scandal after employee allegedly sold cards [Eurogamer]


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