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Emoji of sad poop becomes red after the row

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Plans to introduce a emoji "stack of poo purse" have been deleted from the latest proposals of the group responsible for creating the symbols.

The symbol was launched as one of many to be introduced in 2018, but it angered the typographers who said it was "embarrassing" for the group.

The Unicode Consortium launches a central emoji list to display correctly on different devices.

He said that the changes in the emoji of the "poo pile" had not been totally abandoned.

While the Unicode Consortium heals the standard emoji list, it is up to each phone and the application creators to design what they look like.

& # 39; Excrescence & # 39;

The official list already includes a "poop pile" emoji, but the smart phone giant Apple added a smiling face to the character on the iPhone and popularized the idea.

That led to a row on whether a "pile of wrinkled poop" should be added to the list of factors as well.

"This should absolutely shame all those who vote yes to such excrescence," typographer Michael Everson wrote in a response to the proposal.


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The happy emoji of the poop of Apple have inspired the merchandise

He argued that a "dirt coil for dogs with stink lines and flies" was the "proper semantics" for the symbol.

"Is there really any need to add a range of emotions to PILE OF POO?" Added typographer Andrew West.

The row was first reported by BuzzFeed News in November.

The symbol has been removed from the latest version of the proposals for new characters in 2018. However, it has been presented as a candidate for an emoji sequence instead.

Emoji sequences combine several symbols into one, such as a waving white flag and a rainbow to produce a rainbow flag.

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A variety of hairstyles is being considered for 2018

A poo emoji sequence could allow you to add several facial expressions to a blank expressionless poo stack.

Also considered emojis for 2018 are:

  • people with red hair, curly hair, gray hair and hairless
  • a badger, llama, peacock and lobster
  • a mango, cupcake and bagel
  • an abacus, microbe and DNA

The final list will be published in the new year.

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