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Eminem reveals the art of the cover of the REVIVAL through images of drones

Eminem unveiled the cover of his long-awaited new album, REVIVAL when he projected it against the famous and vacant Michigan Central Station in Corktown last night. The recording of drones, filmed by Jeremy Deputat, collaborator of Shady Records for a long time, as well as Camera Jesus and 1xRun, is impregnated with an instrumental version of Eminem's latest single, "Walk on Water", with Beyoncé. The tuned piano track makes these soft and aerial shots of the night skies of Detroit an even grimmer affair for anyone who is encouraged by the renewed success of the rap veteran. It may not seem that Eminem has anything else to prove, but you would not know it because of the negative reaction that the recent single has received from a large part of the hardcore hip-hop community.

The video and the cover of the album are quite moderate, melancholic but hopeful, and I daresay they are beautiful. All this could point to a general theme of the album, a combination of exhaustion against the current political climate of the world, while defending the strength and strength that much of the United States, particularly Detroit, has had in our culture. The Detroit native, who lashed out at President Trump in a recent BET Cypher freestyle, may be more political on this album than his last three efforts. Let's look at the cover, okay?

There is a lot of online speculation. Will this be Recovery 2 ? The pop singers revealed in the list of songs on the album are an indication of that? What kind of revival, exactly, will this creative work imply? Are we receiving a classic Shady album? While some of these questions are more reality-based than others, none of these questions currently has definitive answers. We will have to wait until December 15 to obtain them. What we do know is that this album has been unlike any other in the career of the legendary master of ceremonies, and was filmed with the help of an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Let's take a look.

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