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Warning: this interview contains spoilers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 3, “The Power Broker”.

Agent Sharon Carter, we barely knew you, is essentially what it boils down to after seeing Captain America’s ancient flame appear in Disney + / Marvel episode 3. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Although he still shows the knack of getting a boy out of a tricky situation, similar to how he saved Captain America in his second movie, he saves Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes from a group of bounty hunters multiple times in Episode 3: Carter’s Kind of jaded; fleeing the US, hiding in the Pacific island city of Madripoor.

“A lot has changed. Everything that used to motivate Sharon Carter isn’t anymore. That’s pretty evident in Episode 3 from the beginning when we see her. Clearly, Sharon has been through it and she’s not very happy about it. So , whatever drove her before, that loyalty to the government and to Cap, that kind of wide-eyed agent feeling that she gave off, has faded at this point, “actress Emily VanCamp told Deadline today.

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Sharon Carter is the niece of Agent Peggy Carter, Captain America’s first love interest during World War II. That doesn’t stop him from stealing a kiss with Sharon later in his millennial life.

“She hasn’t had the easiest times. Although he is thriving in this environment, it is not what he would have wanted. She’s looking for forgiveness a lot, that’s where we find her, ”says VanCamp about the new Sharon we see.

Which brings up the question: How bad was Sharon Carter about her dealings with the United States government that caused her to flee? What did she do that was so bad? Or was it just bad from the point of view of political shenanigans?

VanCamp exclaims: “Based on what some of these other characters have done and been successfully forgiven [for]I think it’s shocking that she’s still on the run, that she’s still this fugitive, that she lives in Madripoor, that deals in stolen art. I find it shocking, and equally shocking to her. “

Theories quickly flew after Episode 3 on fan sites that VanCamp’s Carter could be “The Power Broker,” the enigmatic new villain who is orchestrating the spread of the super serum and dealing with the renegade Flag Smasher group led by Karli. Morgenthau. Many were led to believe that Carter could be the Power Broker given his comment to his cohort after saying goodbye to Bucky and Sam that they “have a couple of major problems.” However, when you do the math, it doesn’t make sense for Sharon to be the Power Broker. The Power Broker would never bring Sam, Bucky and Zemo to Nagle (the architect of the super serum). The Power Broker also wouldn’t allow Zemo to shoot Nagle and get away with it.

VanCamp totally listens to us. “I can’t talk about anything,” he says, “but I love the theories that revolve around.”

Finally, we asked VanCamp about the future of The resident and another reboot of Revenge.

In regards to a Resident Season 5, no news yet.

The actress who played Emily Thorne / Amanda Clarke for 89 episodes on the ABC thriller series. Revenge He also tells us that he feels that the lead in that series has closed the book.

“I feel like Amanda got the ending she wanted and we explored so many different versions of her story,” says VanCamp, who was not involved in the latest developments of a Latin version of Revenge.

If Emily Thorne were to get up again, you would think it would be with a company where she advises others to get revenge.

VanCamp says, “It was kind of a concept, but with a different character, and that was mentioned in the series finale.”

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