Emily Ratajkowski refuses to take lip injections while pregnant with her first child

Emily Ratajkowski directly addressed her lip injection allegations in an Instagram story on Friday.

The pregnant model, who is expecting her first child with indie filmmaker Sebastian Bayer-McLard, pulled a straight-forward mirror selfie and wrote long captions about her changing face and body.

“For someone to say ‘you need to stop w / the lip injection’: I have never had lip injections (don’t judge anyone who looks great!) But when you’re pregnant Can’t even get injections.! “Wrote 29-year-old Ratajkowski. “A woman’s blood volume increases by 50%, which is why women may experience slight pimples in the face and lips during pregnancy.”

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Although Ratajkowski acknowledges that dermal filler cannot be done while pregnant, it is not against the law to do so. In addition, according to a report by Sistine Plastic Surgery – a Pittsburgh-based plastic surgery clinic, the long-term effects of substances such as fillers or Botox on pregnant or lactating women are not currently known.

Emily Ratajkowski addressed those who have accused her of injecting lipids while pregnant. He rejected the suggestion. (Exley / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic)

The lack of available research is a big reason why most beauty therapists and certified injectors avoid working with patients in this standard of living. However, it is not impossible to find a physician who can provide an injection service.

35-year-old fellow model Chrissy Teigen shares 13 million of her own Twitter Followers were approved to botox the neck muscle with an insane combo of beta blocker shots and radio wave frequency “to help with her migraine” in September.

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Teejan went on to elaborate that jaw Botox is used to help them grind teeth for cosmetic reasons.

In addition to Teigen’s transparency with her followers, other celebrities have been accused of receiving dermal filler or Botox while pregnant.

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In a similar situation to Ratajkowski, Beyoncé’s team spoke out against the baseless lip injection rumors in 2017, according to Harper Bazaar.

In the same year, TV personality Drs. Mehmat Oz gave a discourse with Andy Cohen during an appearance in “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” when he suggested that Kylie Jenner should continue injecting lips while pregnant.

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Many medical professionals said against sound bites that the cosmetic procedure is incurable.

Jenner himself, Dr. Oz’s comments didn’t address, however, the injector who is credited with giving the reality TV star his signature pout – Dr. Simon Aurion – Said he does not do lip filler on pregnant patients.

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“I suggest that women stop filling lips as soon as they become pregnant,” Pejian said at the time. “No one knows the implications of lip filler on pregnant women because dermal filler has not been tested on pregnant women.”

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