Emily Ratajkowski accused the photographer of sexual abuse in 2012

Emily Ratajkowski is accused by photographer Jonathan Leather of sexually assaulting her during a photo shoot at her home in the Catskills area of ​​New York in 2012.

The model and social media influence made claims in an essay for New York magazine, where she allegedly forced Leather to strip her naked for a shoot and, when she was 20 years old and an upcoming model, she was raided Wine provided.

Ratajkowski, now 29, said Darius magazine required an overnight photo shoot for an unpaid photo shoot and when he was made aware that he would need lingerie for the session.

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Emily Ratajkowski participates in the new Museum 2019 Spring Gala on April 03, 2019 at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City.
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“I have been taught that it was important to earn a reputation as hardworking and easygoing,” she opened in the letter. “You never know who they’ll shoot next!” My agent will remind me. ”

Ratajkowski claimed that Ladder suggested him to “try naked now” before proceeding with the session.

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“The other took off my clothes, a part of me parted,” she wrote. “I climbed back into bed, found myself swimming outside. I arched my back and purified my lips, considering how I could see through their camera lens. Its glow was very bright and I had so much alcohol that giant black spots were spreading and floating in front of my eyes. ”

Fox News was unable to contact Darius magazine.

The London-born actress said that there was also a makeup artist at the residence who was present for the photo shoot. He said things took a turn when the artist called it a night and went to bed, leaving Ratajkowski and Ladder alone as they lay warm under a blanket.

This was when she said she felt “very, very drunk”, though she was wide awake, and Leather allegedly began questioning her about her boyfriend.

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“He told me that he liked that ‘you’re talking about the feet,’ and I remember the moment a little more clearly,” she wrote, adding that she put her feet together in an effort to keep herself warm Remembered rubbing. “I hate that Jonathan has done something to rest on himself for a lifetime.”

He continued: “What came next was a blemish apart from emotion. I don’t remember the kiss, but I remember his fingers suddenly going inside me, “Ratajkowski claims.” Hard and hard and push and shove like no one had touched me before or touched me. And could feel the shape of his lines, and it really, really hurt. I moved my hand effortlessly to his wrist and pulled my fingers out loud. I didn’t say a word. He stood quietly. Went and quietly ran down the stairs into the darkness. “

Emily Ratajkowski said that the Metropolitan Museum of the Art of Costume Institute took advantage of the festival's opening "Camp: Notes on fashion" Exhibition in New York on Monday 6 May 2019.

Emily Ratajkowski attended the Costume Institute Benefit Festival of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to commemorate the opening of the exhibition “Camp: Notes on Fashion” on Monday, May 6, 2019 in New York.
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In a lengthy account, Ratajkowski writes that she slept the next morning on her way home by train.

Images taken by Ratajkowski that night were later published in a book that Ratajkowski has accused Leather and his publisher, Imperial Publishing – which represents Leather – had no right to use them. A lawyer for Ratajkowski sent ceasefire letters to the Imperial and an art gallery that was planning to hold an exhibition of his images.

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In a statement to Fox News on Tuesday, a representative for Imperial Publishing called the move “a blunt scare tactic”, with Ledger saying it “completely denies” [Ratajkowski’s] Accused of being an “outrage” and called New York magazine’s model statements “false”.

“While we understand that Ms. Ratajkowski no longer feels that the images represent her in the way she likes, and is possibly detrimental to her career as an actress and celebrity, nevertheless, her The recent allegations are fiction and not fact. And the facts matter, “reads the statement, which was accompanied by Imperial Publication, a letter sent to Ratajowski’s lawyer in 2016.

“It is tragic and tragic to lie in such a way about the publication of the photo that she is lying to the press in such a way,” the statement said, stating that the publication had the right to publish a stack of images Was “every legal right”.

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“Mr. Leather and I have discussed this shoot over the years and we believe in the work and know that it is very popular among Emily’s fans. It is unfortunate that Ms. Ratajkowski has been involved in her career as an actress. Been with it since it started. ”

The publisher’s representative further voiced that Ratajkowski “has no legal recourse to stop the publication” and that “calling the photographer (again bad) with a false and salty, baseless accusation is his new answer.”

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“It’s a shame, because the photos are really powerful and they are loved by many of her fans.”

A representative for Ratajkowski did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.