Emily Cave, wife of the late Oilers player, puts COVID skepticism in her place

The wife of the late Edmonton Oils player Colby Kew conducted raids against people who are not protecting themselves and others due to a worsening coronovirus epidemic.

Emily Kew, whose husband died in April, after bleeding a brain, urged her followers to exercise caution as Albert Province began to regress due to a spike in infection.

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He wrote in his Instagram Stories on Thursday, “I have kept my opinion of COVID about myself or those close to me, but today I imposed new restrictions on my breaking point with Alberta.”

“I personally see and hear so many people complaining. I understand that many people feel that they will not get it and if they do they will survive it, however, if your loved one got sick too fast with something else, in a car accident , Or was dying. And then due to COVID restrictions you were not allowed to live with them?!?!? My 25-year-old husband died alone … I have no clue how his last breath was … I have not yet been able to perform the last rites due to this global epidemic. “

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Colby Cave, who played for the Boston Bruins and Oilers, was 25 when he died in April. After suffering from brain pain and undergoing surgery to remove the colloid cyst, he was placed in a medically induced coma that was still putting pressure on his brain.

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Emily Cave said she was surprised that her post went viral. She only wanted people to know how much the epidemic was affecting her, including her life.

“So for goodness sake, wear a mask,” she wrote. “Washing your hands and it’s not the end of your world if you can’t go to house parties or do things that are essentially a ‘luxury’ in your blessed world. Because let me tell you…

“It is not a luxury that your husband has died alone. It is not a luxury phone call stating that he is dead compared to holding his hand. It is a loved one during a terrible global epidemic. Losing is not a luxury. “

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