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Emilia Clarke explains what went through her mind when she read the script for the final season

With the end of the series in the books, HBO has begun to open the curtain on the final season of the most expensive television series in history, which includes allowing its stars to reveal to fans what happened behind the scenes. of the popular program. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly published on Sunday night, just after the episode 6 was broadcast, Emilia Clarke explains what went through her mind when she read the script of the final episodes.

"What what what what!?" Clarke says he thought as he read the scene in which his character, Daenerys Targaryen, decides to unleash the dragon's fire on the King's Landing and most of its inhabitants instead of being merciful as the new Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. "Because it's out of the shit nowhere, I'm dumbfounded, I've never seen it coming."

He received the script in October 2017 when he returned to London from a short vacation after completing the filming of "Solo: A Star Wars Story." He told the store that he experienced a series of emotions when reading it, particularly when he read his final scene with Jon Snow.

"I cried, and I went for a walk," he said. "I left the house, I took my keys and my phone and walked back with blisters on my feet, I did not come back for five hours, I wonder: How am I going to do this?"

At the table read a few days later, Clarke watched as co-star Kit Harington, who plays Snow, read her final scene for the first time. She says that she could "watch him figure this out".

"I looked at Emilia and there was a moment when I realized: No, no … & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; said Harington.

Clarked said that she returned the gesture with sadness. "Yes," adding that Harington was "crying."

"And then it was great, he had not read it," he said.

Clarke made it clear that runners David Benioff and Dan Weiss had been planning their dark and tragic end for years. "There are a number of times I've said:" Why are you giving me that note? ", He said about the producers' instructions about their performance. "So yes, this has made me remember all the notes I've had."

Clarke also provided a summary of Daenerys' character arc over the course of Season 8, including her feeling that "it is too far away" because "she has already killed so many people" and that the rejection of the North leaves her desperate. The biggest turning point for Daenerys, he said, is the murder of Missandei by Cersei.

"There are a number of turning points that he sees for Daenerys in the season, but that's the biggest break," Clarke said. "There is nothing I will not do after losing Missandai and seeing the sacrifice I was willing to make for her, that breaks it completely, there is nothing left to make a difficult decision."

As for his response to Daenerys' tyrannical and murderous turn, Clarke admitted a "shameful" moment in which he called emotionally disturbed family members to ask them if they believed the character, with whom he identified so strongly, was " good". person."

In the end, Clarke said that, as he had been taught at the theater school, he had to accept what his character does and own it.

"They told me your character is right, your character makes a decision and you must be right," he said. "An actor should never be afraid of looking ugly, we have uglier sides for ourselves, and after 10 years of working on this program, it's logical, where else can it go?" I tried to think what the end would be. as suddenly he's going to say: "Okay, I'm going to put a kettle and put cookies in the oven and we'll sit down and have some lovely time and we'll get some kids out." That would never happen. a Targaryen. " (Read the full interview here.)

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