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Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster returns to Earth from space

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<p>  Washington DC: NASA has formally validated Elon Musk's Tesla hijacking on its official website. </p>
<p>  this year, Elon Musk's SpaceX introduced a Tesla Auto in the area, although it was formally verified that the aliens from Shirish Kunder's film JOKER have confiscated the cars and the truck, but their specific area is also not deductible by NASA. </p>
<p>  Interstellar supervisor Christopher Nolan sent as NASA Goodwill Ambassador to discuss with the young filmmaker as Shirish Kunder, but the discussion stopped working when Shah Rukh Khan intervened, which ABSOLUTELY NO Understanding the area and the cosmos, however, before returning to Hollywood, Nolan had the chance to catch up with Shirish about his science fiction film "JOKER", as well as to value his witty suggestions on re the production of movies. </p>
<p>  Fakingnews press journalist Geethanjali spoke with Shirish. Speaking with misleading information, he said: "Life could not be about to address a depressing issue after one more, from Monday to night without clues, there has to be a journey and a taste in life and also the cosmos. My unusual friends have conquered the room The big gaps are just the entrance to the aliens' house, like the snow igloos that have a flow to enter the miniature snow residence, the big gaps are just the entrance to the realm of extraterrestrials. "</p>
<p>" I'm glad, I get up early in the morning and also communicate with these foreigners through Twitter, when I was young, I spent many hours thinking about the area. "Yes, it's real that Tesla Roadster Automobile is being hijacked, but I'm holding extraterrestrials, considering they've actually kept the Tesla car from entering the big gaps. "</p>
<p>" I really feel like I'm sending a mannequin like an automov Illista is not an intelligent Choice. Numerous aliens had started flirting with him in "Aliens Tinder Dating Application". The doll was very crazy with the extraterrestrial women who forgot the goal of their room, as well as they will become the aliens in the home of babies and colonize Mars. The male aliens envied him, since alien women would no doubt prefer a fictional human per day over them. This was the only option and we also managed to hijack and also return the cars and trucks in the world in addition to the fictitious vehicle driver. "</p>
<p>" TESLA precede is currently expressed as E: Elon S of T: Tesla: Attracts L: Marvelous A: Foreigners. They are the sexiest cars and trucks in universes, as well as the extraterrestrial women appreciate the stellar nocturnal walks besides the human doll. "</p>
<p>" I also made a trip in my white Mercedes. Numerous celebrations to satisfy the extraterrestrials precede yet I do not intend that anyone precede to have numerous followers followed as well. Our celebration precedes with Hen Tandoori and Kingfisher Solid Beer watching Stars and also Moon. I will begin my initial area movie session in Luna this month and also after the second Mars routine is chosen in May. I'm also listing extraterrestrials for my next science fiction movie. Foreign women are a great follower of Ranbir Kapoor while men enjoy Angelina Jolie. I reveal movies to them on my laptop. The extraterrestrials are creating a movie theater on the Moon, as well as this year will be opened with the movie of my room. My launch pad to the area goes to the coast of Mangalore. "</p>
<p>  Shirish also suggested to NASA and Elon:" DONOT PANIC ", since the car will land safely together with a fictitious type in the central park of Kharghar , Navi Mumbai on April 4, 2018. </p>
<p>  We asked much more about his amazing secret life and about the tasks of the area, to which Shirish replied: "In some cases, being unusual is the only option". </p>
<p>  Infact, after hearing this information from our site, ISRO has decided to introduce a rickshaw for vehicles, in addition to Shirish Kunder !! </p>
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