Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal just sold some Tesla stock. Did you just call a top?

Some experts at Tesla Inc. have had a busy couple of days this week, including an investor who is close to CEO Elon Musk and is once again showing a good moment in his operations.

That’s Elon Musk’s brother, Kimbal Musk, a Tesla TSLA,
+ 0.30%
Board member and businessman, who sold $ 25.56 million worth of shares on the open market this week with all trades conducted above $ 850, according to a document.

The last time Kimbal Musk sold shares in the electric vehicle maker, he also exercised options to buy the same amount, only at a much lower price. At the time, Kimbal Musk’s sales appeared to peak for the stock for more than two and a half months.

FactSet, MarketWatch

Kimbal Musk’s timing was good this week too. It sold its 30,000 shares on Feb.9 in a series of deals at a weighted average price of $ 852,117, according to a MarketWatch analysis of SEC data. The stock opened that day at $ 855.12 and traded in an intraday range of $ 859.80 to $ 841.75, before closing at $ 849.46.

On Wednesday, TSLA shares,
+ 0.30%
it fell 5.3%, with an intraday high of just $ 844.82. It was up 1% in midday trading Thursday, but at $ 812.41, it was still well below where Kimbal Musk sold his shares.

Here are the exchanges from Kimbal Musk:

• Sold: 7,971 shares at $ 850,277 (weighted average)

• Sold: 11,409 shares at $ 851,452

• Sold: 1,983 shares at $ 852,243

• Sold: 3,482 shares at $ 853,767

• Sold 3,415 shares at $ 854,805

• Sold: 1,140 shares at $ 855,927

• Sold: 600 shares at $ 856,676

FactSet, MarketWatch

After the sale, Kimbal Musk still owned 599,740 Tesla common shares, or about 0.06% of the outstanding shares. His remaining stake is worth approximately $ 487.2 million shares at current prices.

Tesla shares have risen 95% in the last three months, while the S&P 500 SPX index,
it has gained 9.6%.

Vanguard increases its stake to be the second largest shareholder

As Kimbal sold, The Vanguard Group disclosed that it owned 57.81 million shares, or 6.1% of the outstanding shares, according to an SEC filing on Wednesday.

That now makes Vanguard the second-largest shareholder, behind Elon Musk at about 18% and ahead of Capital Research & Management Co. at 5.5%, according to FactSet.

That means that Vanguard recently bought about 14.53 million shares of Tesla, as the fund manager had previously disclosed that it owned 43.28 million shares, or 4.4% of the shares outstanding, as of September 30. . Prices paid for the shares were not disclosed.

Board member Antonio Gracias earns a penny trading Tesla shares

In another filing with the SEC on Wednesday night, Tesla revealed that private equity investor Antonio Gracias, a longtime Tesla board member and close member of Elon Musk, acquired a total of 150,747 shares earlier this week. at a weighted average price of $ 58,149 through the exercise of derivative values.

On February 9, the same day Kimbal Musk sold his shares, the filing shows that Gracias sold 150,747 shares in a series of transactions. However, it did not fare as well as Kimbal Musk, selling its shares at a weighted average price of $ 846,591.

Still, Gracias made $ 118.86 million in trading.

Here are the Thanksgiving offices:

• Acquired: 97,000 shares at $ 52.38

• Acquired: 53,747 shares at $ 68.56

• Sold: 1,930 shares at $ 842,596 (weighted average)

• Sold: 13,256 shares at $ 843.51

• Sold: 22,036 shares at $ 844,372

• Sold: 22,122 shares at $ 845,364

• Sold: 19,320 shares at $ 846,381

• Sold: 19,039 shares at $ 847.36

• Sold: 34,023 shares at $ 848,404

• Sold: 18,588 shares at $ 849.32

• Sold: 433 shares at $ 850,346

After the trade, Gracias owned 2,545 common Tesla shares.

–Steve Goldstein contributed to this report.


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