Elon Musk’s boring company will tender for the Chicago airport liaison project


Elon Musk & # 39; s Boring Company, a project that plans to use futuristic underground pods to transport cars over long distances without traffic congestion, is beginning to take shape.

Fresh from raising $ 300,000 from the sale of hats, an initial hat & # 39; offering and getting permission for projects in Maryland, Musk has confirmed that the company will bid on a project to link downtown Chicago with the O & # 39; Hare airport.

The plan is to find an alternative to taxis or rides in Uber, which are estimated to cost between $ 40 and $ 60.

"There is a lot of space between the price of the CTA or parking to fix the price of a service so that you can earn a lot of income, "Deputy Mayor Bob Rivkin told the Chicago Sun Times.

The city is seeking initial proposals for a high-speed train that will take travelers to the city in less than 20 minutes. The brief, according to the Chicago Sun Times, covers "a structure built above or below the ground," which would not at first seem to prevent The Boring Company, although certainly the trains below or above ground are the convention for transportation. . Nonetheless, Musk plans to throw his bored hat into the ring.

Proposals must be submitted before January 23, after which the best candidates will receive an RFP to advance.

This is not the first time that Tesla and the founder of SpaceX have answered the call of the local government. In March, Tesla was awarded a contract to develop the world's largest power bank – 100 MW / 129 MWh of battery to be precise – in southern Australia as part of a state project to modernize the electricity grid and guarantee a delivery more consistent electricity to households.

The battery was completed within the 100-day target of Musk – he promised it would be otherwise free – and is set to go live on December 1.

The Chicago project of The Boring Company is another ambitious effort, but we will see the fruits of the company's vision, which Musk dreamed while trapped in traffic last year, before that. The first installation will be a tunnel under Hawthorne near the SpaceX headquarters in California.

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