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Elon Musk’s boring company wants to charge $ 1 for a 150-mph loop ride


The director of Elon Musk and Space X and Boring Company, Steve Davis, talks about digging in Los Angeles.

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Elon Musk finally shed the curtain where The Boring Company is heading. And, well, it's definitely not boring.

The billionaire businessman showed his concept for the Loop on Thursday, a system of "personalized public transportation" that transports 16 people and travels at 150 miles per hour, which could take him from downtown Los Angeles to Los Angeles International Airport. Angels in eight minutes in a vacuum tube. His projected rate for people would be only $ 1. He also said he imagined dozens of hundreds of small stations, roughly the size of a single or double car parking spot, to alleviate traffic at any point.

Musk also announced the details of the project, including 2.7 miles of tunnel that will run north-south parallel to Highway 405. It will be privately financed and not used for public transportation. He spoke to a crowd of approximately 750 people who crowd the banks of the Leo Baeck Temple in Los Angeles, which is located off the 405 freeway by the Getty Center.

Your comments provide more details about what you want to do with these vast underground tunnels after two years of teasing. Musk created The Boring Company, which spent the last year digging (or "boring") underground tunnels in Los Angeles, to broaden its vision to create a new form of transportation, and to get out of that nasty Los Angeles traffic. he has complained about this.

"It's the only way we can think to address the chronic traffic problems in major cities," Musk said at the event. He added that during the 16 years he lived in Los Angeles, Highway 405 "varied between the seventh and eighth levels of hell" and noted that the event had started late due to traffic.

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Elon Musk offers a new vision for Boring Company


Musk, the flamboyant technology executive who is a must follow on Twitter has said that Boring Company occupies between 2 and 3 percent of his time, essentially a hobby as he directs his other two – yes, two – companies, Tesla and Space X, tweeted a week ago that his first tunnel in Los Angeles is almost finished .

These tunnels are not yet part of your big idea of ​​a cross-country "Hyperloop" system, which would transport people or things in tubes traveling at airline speeds, but at a much lower cost. At least not yet. Musk said previously that Boring Company is involved in proposed Hyperloop projects, including one for the East Coast of the US. UU After revealing the idea of ​​using pressurized capsules to fly through tubes at unhealthy speeds in 2012, Musk initially allowed other startups to work with the idea. But last year, Boring Company got approval to build a Hyperloop between New York and Washington, DC, signaling their intentions.

Musk telegraphed that the Los Angeles tunnels would use a different approach. Approximately one hour before the event began, retweeted a tweet from Metro Los Angeles about work in its proof-of-concept tunnel under Sepulveda Boulevard. "We will be partners in the future," the statement said. At the event, Musk reiterated that he was working with the city and was excited to complement the city's subway system.

The idea is that The Boring Company would take the method and tunnel model in Los Angeles and eventually take it to other major cities with traffic problems. "If you can build a tunnel in LA, you can build it anywhere," he said.

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The Boring Company held an event in Los Angeles on Thursday.

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In March, mocked an animation of people riding in elegant minibuses that passed by rails through underground tunnels. He played the video again on Thursday. There were also suggestions that pedestrians, bicycles and public transport will have priority access to the system

Musk started the event by noting that the flying cars would not work, launching a little shadow in Uber . He cited the advantages of an underground transportation system, including the fact that it is weather resistant, and can create more lanes if desired. "The highways are at the outer limit of their capacity … for tunnels you can have hundreds of lanes, there are no real limits," he said.

He also spoke about the improvement of real drilling, from continuous mining to the tripling of the power of the machines themselves, as well as ways to decrease the cost.

Similarly, he stressed that this would be a safe project, and that the community would not listen to any of the tunnels below. He answered questions such as how safe it would be in an earthquake (okay).

The Boring Company, the much, much smaller brother of the other Musk companies, has turned to some unorthodox products for funding. The company raised $ 7.5 million selling flamethrower $ 500 with the company's logo (it's supposed to arrive in the spring). Musk also made fun of the plans for to sell large Lego-like bricks made of boring rocks .

"They're really good bricks," he said, eliciting the laughter of a crowd that was not sure he was. serious.

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