Elon Musk: Tesla’s next ‘killer product’ is Solar Roof

Elon Musk says Tesla’s next ‘killer product’ is its solar roof and it will become “clear” next year.

It seems that Tesla is getting ready for this by hiring an army of roofers.

During a conference call after Tesla’s Q3 2020 earnings results this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk hyped Solar Roof Tiles.

The CEO said it would become a clear ‘killer product’ next year:

“When you look around in the future, decade from now, what do you want?” What products are there to improve your life? What future do you want? And I think that a future where we have got beautiful roofs that are producing energy that are harder and flexible and better than a regular roof and are alive with energy, that is the future we want. Solar Roof is a killer product. This will become clear next year. ”

We recently reported running some issues with the deployment of solar roof tiles on Tesla.

There are still some difficulties, but Tesla says it’s turning into a corner with quick deployment:

“Solar roof deployments nearly tripled sequentially, doubling from Q3 to 57 MW compared to the prior quarter.”

Tesk is accelerating hiring to expand solar roof tile deployment capacity, with Musk saying the product’s importance is only to be fully recognized next year.

Electrake has found more than 200 open-roof posts in the US and Tesla, even in preparation for the expansion of solar roof installations beginning in Ontario in Canada.

Recently, Tesla changed the types of underlays used with its solar roof tiles and also lowered the price of the product.

Electrac’s tech

The product is attractive and it presents a solution to a problem – namely deploying rooftop solar power if you need a new roof.

The combination of solar power and a new roof provides a competitive financial advantage. This is not true for all types of roofing at this point, but like most new technologies, it is competitive starting with high-end products.

Combining the fact that Tesla is hiring, along with the fact that Tesla is approving other third-party roofing companies to lay tiles, I can see why Elon says it is an obvious killer product next year Will happen.

They need to make sure that they fix the installation problems they are running right now, but I think they are mostly due to not having enough test installations before they go into customers’ homes and, therefore, the installer is not Issues are ongoing, which they ‘saw before.

Once that is fixed and Tesla has over several hundred installers next year, I can see Tesla deploying more than 100 MW of solar roof tiles per quarter during the second half of 2021.

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