Elon Musk promises to unveil ‘many exciting things’ to Tesla on 22 September

Elon Musk says Tesla is going to unveil “many exciting things” on its Battery Day on September 22 as speculation is running wild.

Tesla’s Battery Day and shareholders’ meeting have been pushed several times.

Battery Day was previously delayed for unknown reasons and was later pushed to the two at the same time by the COVID-19 epidemic as Tesla appeared to be linking events with a limited-income person.

Last month, Tesla announced that it would hold its shareholders virtually and Battery Day meeting for most people with some limited in-person attendance.

It is going to be held on 22 September.

In this event, Tesla hopes to explain in detail its plans to secure battery cell supplies to support its ambitious ramp-up of electric vehicle production.

At the core of the scheme, the automaker developed its own battery cell manufacturing process called Roadrunner.

earlier this year, Electrek Has exclusively revealed Tesla’s secret “roadrunner” project, which includes its in-house design battery cell manufacturing system to increase production volumes and reduce costs.

Tesla built a “Tera Battery manufacturing facility” at its facilities on Cato Road next to its factory in Fremont to set up the project.

The new battery manufacturing system is expected to be the main focus of the event, but the scope may be huge as the battery enables most of Tesla’s products.

Now CEO Elon Musk promised that Tesla would unveil “many exciting things” at the event:

What can they be? Speculation is running wild.

Electrac’s tech

I would argue that a manufacturing process that applies quickly and makes great battery cells at a low cost is the most exciting thing Tesla can announce, but we also expect some “one more thing” announcements.

When we first reported on Project Roadrunner, a source said that Tesla planned to use the battery from the pilot production line to unveil a new Model S Plaid on the day of the battery.

Of course, the battery day was delayed, but I think it is now more likely than ever.

Tesla is scheduled to unveil the Model S Plaid this summer and if it uses the Roadrunner’s new cells, it would be the perfect time to unveil it on Battery Day.

People are now speculating on Battery Day to unveil several other possible products.

Earlier this year, we reported on Tesla’s secret project Palladium, which includes not only a new powertrain for the Model S and Model X, but also body modifications.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was unveiled with the plaid powertrain.

what else? New Model S / X Interior? Does the Model Y improve like a heat pump with the Model 3? Updated Roadster Prototype? What do you think Let us know in the comment section below.

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