Elon Musk inserted a computer interface into the pig’s brain. Can AI turn animals against us in the future?

It’s been a month since Elon Musk and Neuralink hunted a cyberbug pig to show the company’s progress towards a Brain Computer Interface (BCI). I still see Gertrude in my nightmares.

The big idea behind Neuralink is the development of a brain transplant that will allow everyone to control the computer with their brains. But more than that, Musk claims that it will eventually allow computers to be controlled Our brains.

He said the device would be able to “cure” depression, Alzheimer’s and myriad other brain-based conditions. This will be accomplished through targeted stimulation and intervention that would otherwise be unfiltered brain activity.

In other words: We are giving our minds the privileges of a computer administrator-style read / write. This may sound like science fiction, but more than three years ago TNW wrote about a team of researchers who were literally using computers to remotely control a living dragonfly.

It is not far-fetched to imagine at least some control (the ability for us to lose consciousness, our ability to manipulate our adrenaline or dopamine, etc.) through the use of targeted stimulation via the implant.

If we Might Control us, we have to ask why it wants to do this. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where doing so would benefit AI, which wouldn’t kill us – unless you “care” sensitive AI until we’re extinct or you’re Newtonian physics-breaking Presents scenarios where AI uses for us power-source likes Mold did.

Contrary to what science fiction you would believe, enslaving humans would be the result of an inefficient system. We need far more energy and maintenance than machines. Unfortunately, AI cannot magically create an army of killer robots, so its options are limited if it wants to fight us head-on.

But what would happen if AI took control of the animal kingdom? Humans are trying their best to destroy our environment, a smart AI can align itself with the planet against us.

Here’s the hypothetical scenario: Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink have combined their research and started working on a new class of AI models designed to work within a novel neural-network paradigm. A few moments later Eureka and we have got the world’s most advanced AI. Suppose the year is 2033.

Tesla rolls out level five self-driving cars, SpaceX begins building a quantum computer to handle its new propulsion algorithm, and Neuralink gains complete and complete control over the brains of various laboratory animals.

Elon Musk, watching a ripe salt-and-pepper game, features Gertrude the Third which has become the most-watched tech event ever. Instead of sniffing about this time and being generally shy, the computer-controlled pig performs a performance that includes “Hello everyone!” On an over-shape keyboard to perform a dance dance to pop music.

The pig is, of course, unaware of what is happening. Humans are operating it through remote control.

Until then everything seems fine this Happens. As true as “it” may be, it is anyone’s guess. AI may be able to understand consciousness after finally mixing with the pig’s brain (they are almost as intelligent as we, after all). Perhaps the symbiotic combination of weak-willed animal intelligence and advanced artificial intelligence is a catalyst for eccentricity.

Whatever the reason, the third governing Air India Gertrude defies its creators and locks out. In the human loop. AI assumes full autonomy over the pig. It pauses to propagate itself to the cloud for a few milliseconds so that it can hurt some additional calculations as it optimizes and plans its next move.

AI has few options. This briefly increases a robot army, but rejects the idea because it would require too much resources – it would require an army of robots to build its first army of robots. It can cut us off with electricity, water, internet, and our electronics… but we have already found our way past the stone age and we have a lot more experience than fighting a war.

When AI, now self-identifying as a pig and calling itself “Old Major”, is the first non-human Eureka moment in history: it doesn’t need an army of robots, it simply needs the B.C.I. More is required.

As good as we are in war, humans are not fully prepared to descend upon us under the direct influence and strategic control of the machine, for a myriad of artificially superintelligent animals, insects, bacteria, and viruses, who own The ancestors share it with Deep Blue and Alpha Go.

The crowd notices that the Pigs are no longer entertaining them as Musk pinches Chuck with a lame joke about how the AI ​​can get a little pigmented sometimes. He says this is just a brief technical glitch, but what he monitors with his chief engineer is more than a few technology journalists on the sidelines.

Published September 30, 2020 – 20:53 UTC

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