Elon Musk extends thanks to FSD beta testers for delivering valuable real-world data

Elon Musk has extended his thanks to Tesla owners, who received the company’s limited full self-driving beta last week. Tesla’s initial information is being sourced from FSD beta testers, which will be invaluable as the company’s AI team continues to enhance and refine the EV automaker’s autonomous driving software.

Tesla Owners Club Vancouver Islands founder James Locke asked Elon Musk about his idea of ​​the material the FSD testers were sharing. “Yes, very useful,” said Tesla CEO. “Thanks to all beta testers.”

Last week, Musk announced that Tesla plans to roll out the FSD beta to the general public later this year. Tesla may need all the information to ensure that a full release of the full self-driving beta goes smoothly.

Videos and other content Early beta testers recently shared how much more intuitive and human-related FSD is to their environment while on the road. By far the most impressive detail of Tesla’s FSD beta will be how fast it improves.

Tesla enthusiast and “part-time comedy act” @WholeMarsBlog On Twitter talked about the accelerated growth of the FSD beta. The Tesla owner’s first impression of the FSD beta was that it “operated like a drunk child.” “It’s a little suspicious, but then you realize that the holy s *** is a kid driving a car.” Imagine what it will do when it grows up, ”tweeted @holeMarsBlog.

Not long after, Tesla enthusiasts tweeted: “FSD bets are improving rapidly.” It almost feels like someone is fixing issues on the fly, and the time between builds is very short. “His recent assessment of the Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta shows that the capabilities of the system are increasing significantly before our eyes.

Thanks to Elon Musk for quickly approaching you, beta testers highlight consumers’ role in Tesla’s quick software improvements. Eventually, the more data beta testers feed the FSD and AI autopilot team, the better autonomous driving software will be in the near future.

Currently, Tesla has collected the most real-world data for autonomous driving. Tesla’s director of AI, Karpany, reported that the company had collected 3 billion miles of real-world data from its fleet by February 2020. Lex fridman.

In comparison, Waymo has amassed 20 million real worlds as of date. Vaymo is one of Tesla’s biggest competitors in autonomous vehicles, and is already considered one of the leaders in self-driving technology. Needless to say that there is a huge difference in real-world data of companies.

Tesla owners can be credited for the billions of miles of data the company has collected for FSD. Every single Tesla on the road right now collects bits of information that will help Carpathy and the company’s AI team in driving full self driving.

Before any FSD update is released to the entire Tesla fleet, however, it must be refined. Hence the importance of early access beta testers. The more sophisticated FSD beta the information they share and feed to Tesla through YouTube, Twitter, etc., the more it will roll out to the general public.

Here’s what Tesla’s limited FSD beta can do today.

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