Elon Musk expects 150m hop after Starship testing

Elon Musk’s hopes to reach Orbit’s orbit before this spring were not quite over, but the recent test firing gives SpaceX’s CEO hope that he will soon be flying the company’s new vehicle will see. On thursday he Tweeted Its new SN5 build completed a full-term steady fire, and said the 150-meter test hop would be “soon”. Of course, ten days before that said Flight attempts will occur within a week, but they are progressing.

Last August we completed a 150 meter Raptor-powered “bounce” to SpaceX’s Starhopper test vehicle and sooner or later the actual starship will make a similar test flight. The company has continued to run on its design and pressure testing prototypes – we remember the end of the SN4 – as it nears actual flight. If there is any information on any webcast of the event, we will let you know. Also with Crew Crew returning this weekend, SpaceX’s priority is the starship project.

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