Elon Musk: Boring Tunnel Downtown to LAX in 10 minutes

Elon Musk brought his vision of a high-speed transportation system below the extensive and obstructed Los Angeles to an overwhelmingly sympathetic crowd at a hearing for local residents.

Red de Musk & # 39; s Boring Co., if and when it is built, would transport pbadengers from Dodger Stadium, near downtown Los Angeles, to Los Angeles International Airport in 10 minutes, according to the presentation that Musk held on Thursday night at the Leo Baeck temple in the affluent neighborhood of Bel-Air. The trip can now easily take more than an hour by car.

A 2.7-mile (4.3-kilometer) test tunnel that Musk proposes to build collided with winds against neighborhood organizations after a city committee voted to allow Boring Co. to go ahead with the project without an environmental review . Musk promised at Thursday's hearing that if the company built the planned network, it would make a full environmental impact report.

"If you build a tunnel in Los Angeles, you can build one anywhere," Musk said, referring to the various challenges the test tunnel would need to overcome in the city, including seismic conditions, methane gas, oil fields and the regulations.

Most of the wealthy, some 700 in Tesla hats, applauded many of Musk's comments and the submitted questions he answered after his presentation were far from challenging.

The full-fledged project would include a tunnel along the notoriously busy 405 Freeway in Los Angeles where, according to Musk, traffic varied between the seventh and eighth circles of hell. The project would involve hundreds of entries where travelers in capsules could descend into the network of tunnels that will transport them at high speeds throughout the city.

Musk undertook to undertake a tunnel, which would be built well below the existing subway lines, the use of electronic drilling equipment would be virtually silent.

"You will not even know we exist," Musk said. "If we can not make a two-mile tunnel without disturbing people, how can we make hundreds of miles?"

He had good news about another project: the flamethrowers valued at $ 10 million that the company sold to help finance the operations. Buyers can expect delivery within two weeks by custom delivery trucks from Boring Co., he said as the audience applauded.


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