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Elon Musk and Amber Heard were seen together, again

Elon Musk debuted on Friday with the first images of his Tesla Roadster that SpaceX will send to Mars, so it may bother him that the media seems to be more obsessed with a different shot that seems to show him and his ex-girlfriend Amber. Heard is reconciling.

Musk and Heard, Johnny Depp's ex-wife, were seen kissing each other emotionally as they left a Los Angeles restaurant on Thursday.

This is not the first time that the former couple spend time together after their separation.

As we reported, they were also seen having breakfast together in Los Angeles last month

Page Six revealed exclusively that Heard and Musk were dating last spring, when they were seen together at the Miami Hotel Delano, shortly after divorcing Depp.

But Heard and Musk separated in early August, saying that "the distance has been very hard in our relationship because we have not been able to see each other much". Musk told Rolling Stone that he had been "very emotionally affected". pain "after his break, explaining", he was really in love, and it hurt badly. Well, she broke up with me more than I broke up with her, I think, "he said at that moment, adding:" It's so hard for me to meet people, I'm looking for a long-term relationship. I'm not looking for a one-night stop. I'm looking for a serious partner or soul mate, that kind of thing. "

The representatives of both did not respond immediately, but the sources insisted that the two are still" just friends. "

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