Elliot Dalen offered advice to live with the week after diagnosis of cancer: opinion

– Elliot Dallen does not have long to live. The resident of London is 31 years old and has cancer – adrenocortical carcinoma, to be precise – and in an essay Guardian, He writes that his remaining time can now be measured in weeks. But he is not feeling pity. Yes, “I’ll miss weddings or children, blossoming careers and move on.” “But I’m not the only one in my life who is short, and I think I’ve had a great time.” (He says that is “terrible”) The diagnosis has given him time to reflect, and he offers some advice for the rest of us. A snippet: “A life, if well lived, is long enough.” It would mean different things to people, he writes, but the impetus is that no one should take things.

“So when you find yourself slipping into an autopilot, catch yourself, and if you can, enjoy simple in movement,” he writes. And for those lucky enough to be aging? “I’ve come to see old age as a privilege,” Delon writes. “One should not moan at the age of one, the other a gray hair or wrinkle.” Revel in it, and “If you feel you haven’t made the most of your previous year, try to use your next one better.” Delon attacks other topics, including “the importance of gratitude,” “being vulnerable and connecting with others,” “doing something for others,” and “protecting the planet,” and expanding on them all in more detail . Read the column in full here. (Elsewhere, a cancer patient got the death he wanted, thanks to a new law.)