Ellen Robinson says she hopes to be with Beers for the rest of the season

Ellen Robinson indicated on Wednesday that she hoped to finish the season with the Chicago Bears, but declined to clarify whether she or her agent formally requested the trade.

“Yes, I would say so,” Robinson said on a zoom call with the Chicago media when asked if he anticipated being with the Bears for the remainder of 2020. “… I’ve talked [general manager] Ryan [Pace], I spoke to the coach [Matt] Nagi. As far as everything else, we are clear with that. ”

Robinson continued: “I’m not going into that [trade] By extension, but as I said before, my heart and soul have never been shaken as far as playing for the city of Chicago and this organization. Obviously, you dive into the business of sports, and have different variables. But how do I feel about my teammates, how do I feel about this team, how do I feel about this city and everything like that has never been missed. When you are in this business and in this type of situation, things come to the fore. “

Sources quoted ESPN’s Dan Graziano on Tuesday that Robinson informed Beers that he would trade if the two sides could not agree on an extension. The Chicago Tribune also reported on Tuesday that Robinson, who is in the final year of his contract, has requested a trade.

Robinson’s agent, Brandon Parker, denied the report, telling ESPN’s Adam Scheck that neither he nor Robinson had requested a trade, but Parker admitted that Robinson was upset and that Beers would market him. Will not pay the price.

Negi said on Wednesday that he held a private conversation with Robinson about the contract deadlock.

“You know how we roll here, we talk about things, and so I had a great conversation with Alan, just excited about where we are,” Nagy said on the zoom call . “He is a leader, he is a very important part of our team. As far as it is.” [contract] Part of it, this is not my world. … but I think our players realize the history that we are here in relation to taking care of people.

“And I think that was a really good thing that Alan and I had. I think when you have these kinds of situations, it’s appropriate that both of them are able to talk. So hopefully, You know, I think he definitely feels good. And he’s convinced that we want him to stay here and he wants to be here. So that’s really the ultimate goal in all of this. ”

The 27-year-old Robinson will earn $ 13 million in 2020. He recently removed references to Beers from his social media accounts, but several of Robinson’s peers posted messages on Twitter calling for the popular wide receiver to expand.

“We always support each other 100 percent, all the way, so we’re always behind our teammates,” Byers quarterback Mitchell Trubisky said on the zoom call. “But I think it’s really simple for us. It may seem like a distraction online or on Twitter or whatever it is, but we don’t see it in the locker room. We don’t see it on the field.

“Especially with Alan and a lot of the guys that we’ve committed offenses, you’ve never had that type of concern because we’re attacking practice, and everything is a team-first mentality. Because I want these guys to I know in the locker room, so the way he handled himself and the rest of the people on offense is professional. They are trying to get better. I think all other things will take care of themselves. ”

Robinson caught five passes for 74 yards on nine goals in Week 1. Despite playing on one of the worst offenses last season, Robinson led the Bears with 98 receptions for 1,147 yards and seven touchdowns. Robinson spent four years at Jacksonville (2014 to 2017), where he invited the Pro Bowl in 2015 after catching 80 passes for 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns.

Robinson suffered a season-end knee injury in Week 1 of 2017, and in 2018 was not entirely healthy for the Beers. Even, he recorded 55 receptions for 754 yards and four touchdowns in 13 matches.

Pace said on September 7, when we work on these deals, we know how important A-Rob is to us, not as a player, but as a team.

Advancing Robinson’s frustration was a riot of contract extensions awarded to wide receivers over the past month, including DeAndre Hopkins of the Arizona Cardinals, Chargers Keenan Allen of Los Angeles and Los Angeles Ramus / Cooper Kupp.

Hopkins’ New Deal is the highest in terms of average salary ($ 27.25 million) among NFL receivers. Atlanta’s Julio Jones ($ 22 million), Allen ($ 20.025 million) and Dallas’s Amari Cooper ($ 20 million) all have agreements that would average at least $ 20 million over the life of their deals.

Robinson’s three-year contract with Chicago averaged $ 14 million per season, 15th in the league for wide receivers.