Ellen Pompeo teases Meredith Gray’s return

Gray anatomy When ABC Medical Drama returns for its 17th season, fans prepare for Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) to grace their TV screens. The Shondaland series wrapped up with just 21 episodes after being cut 21 unexpectedly last season. This leaves viewers with a mess of loose strings that need to be addressed when the show returns. Then recently, what Pompeo has done next for Meredith Gray anatomy Season 17. And his comments will excite any fan.

How did ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 16 end for Meredith Gray?

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There was a lot of travel in meredith Gray anatomy Season 16. At the beginning of the new cycle, the leading character faced consequences for committing insurance fraud. He was sentenced to court-ordered community service. But when she missed for a few hours and failed to appear in court because Zola was ill, Meredith was sent to prison.

Meredith also lost her medical license. However, she was saved by her person, Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), brought up in a sea of ​​co-workers and patients who were either in person or in writing for the general surgeon.

Meanwhile, Meredith said goodbye to Alex and became her own person. Then on the romantic front, Meredith and Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) break up. And though Merle starts flirting with Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood), a Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) gift, it’s possible that things aren’t over with Andrew.

After their split, Meredith admitted that she was still in love with Andrew. In then Gray anatomy At the conclusion of season 16, Meredith briefly accepted McVidow’s offer to get a drink together. However when she experiences Andrew a breakdown, Mer helps her and takes her home.

Ellen Pompeo hints at what fans can expect from Meredith Gray in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 17

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Of course, Gray anatomy Fans eagerly await the news of the 17th season. Shornner Krista Wernoff already indicated that the new season would begin soon. Although the filming schedule can still be pushed back due to the coronovirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

However, it seems Gray anatomy The cast is starting to promote around season 17. On August 5, Pompeo answered some fan questions and confirmed that filming was expected to begin soon. He has already started “prepping” Debbie Allen (Katherine Fox).

“Plans to start in a few weeks but don’t have an exact start date but prepping @msdebbieallen,” Pompeo wrote on Twitter.

Pompeo then teased fans with his thoughts on Meredith’s arc Gray anatomy Season 17.

“I can tell you Meredith in season 17…. Pompeo tweeted, he is worth the wait.

What the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ team has said about season 17

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Gray on ith Gray’s Anatomy ‘. Eric McCandless via Getty Image

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Whenever meredith Gray anatomy Coming back to season 17, Pompeo’s remarks about his character certainly indicate that it will be worth watching. Meanwhile, other members of the team have expressed their views about the upcoming storylines this season.

For one, Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) recently shared Owen “would be a wrecking ball of reality dumped on him.” Kim Raver (Teddy Altman) then suggested that her character would have to work through her “trauma” in the new season. Vernoff also confirmed Gray anatomy Season 17 will cover the coronovirus epidemic. And while speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Gianniotti wondered how his character would deal with the current crisis.

“I think he thrives in the chaos and he has definitely proved over the past season that when a lot is happening, he makes a move,” Giannotti said of Andrew. “This is going to be an obviously stressful situation. But I think that’s exciting where he can really shine and blossom again. ”

Obviously when a lot is happening Gray anatomy Season 17 returns to ABC. But hopefully, we can take Pompeo’s words and it will be worth the wait. so stay tuned.

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