Ellen Pompeo did not allow ABC to say 1 surprising word on television

Gray anatomy Season 17 premiered on Thursday night with Ellen Pompeo alongside surgeon Meredith Gray and it was as shocking as ever. The jaw dropping ending brought back a beloved character. When pompeo joined Jimmy kimmel live To discuss the end, she told the host about a word that ABC would not let them say. This may surprise you.

[Spoiler alert: The Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 premiere and episode 3.]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Ellen Pompeo and host Jimmy Kimmel | Randy Holmes via Getty Image

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Ellen Pompeo talks about that ‘shocking’ ending

During Gray anatomy The premiere of season 17, Meredith Gray was found unconscious in the parking lot. When she is outside, she sees her dead husband, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) on the beach. Fans were excited to see her reunion with McDreamy but worried about Meredith’s fate.

In the next episode scenes, viewers are relieved to see Meredith alive, but in the hospital bed as soon as they realize what is wrong with them. Many fans speculate that he has COVID-19; However, the preview does not confirm that diagnosis. He faints again during the trailer, and McAdresy appears in a second episode.

When discussing a dramatic ending with Jimmy Kimmel, Meredith hints that she may be in a coma for a few seasons.

Pompeo talks about a word ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ actors are not allowed to say

As the host premiere ends from “jaw dropping” to the season premiere, a strange story unfolds. Pompeo tells Kimmel about the time that ABC standards and practices would not allow actors to say the word “vagina”. Gray anatomy.

“There was a big fight. I can deal with this story, “Pompeo begins. “There was a big fight. With standards and practices, you can say gender. You can say gender, but you can’t say vagina. So from here came the word ‘wa-jai-jai’. Standards and practices do not let us say vagina. We said gender 97 times in that episode, but you can’t say vagina. ”

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Kimmel laughed at the popularization of the show’s producer Shonda Rhimes with the words “wa-jai-jai”.

“We have ABC standards and practices to blame Wai-Jay-Jay,” Kimmel says.

Who coined the term ‘wa-jai-jai’?

While Oprah was the first to say the word “wa-jai-jai” on live television, Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) popularized the term for vagina. Pompeo remembered the story correctly, with Shonda Rhimes ruling it out with ABC standards and practices for one Gray anatomy case.

'Gray's Anatomy' cast and crew James Pickens Jr., Chandra Wilson, Shonda Rhimes, Kannada
‘Gray’s Anatomy’ cast and crew James Pickens Jr., Chandra Wilson, Shonda Rhimes, Kate Salsh | Mark Mainz / Getty Images for NAACP

“I wrote an episode during the second season Gray key In which we used the word vagina many times (probably 11), “Rhimes told the New York Times. “Now, we used the word linga 17 times in a single episode, and no one blinked. But with ‘vagina’, good people blink an eye at broadcast standards and practices. I think that no one is comfortable experiencing a woman’s anatomy out loud – which is a shame considering half the population of our anatomy. “

While she was disappointed that they couldn’t say “vagina” in this episode, Rimes is still pleased with how “wa-jai-jai” became popular.

“Now, va-jay-jay’s just given one to me,” Rhimes continued. “It’s a word I use, a word my girlfriend uses, a word I’ve heard women in the grocery store use.” I don’t even think where it came from now. It is not mine or anyone on the show. It belongs to all women. “

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