Eliminate your bird feeders: SPCA warns of salmonella transmission

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A Salmonella outbreak in the BC avian population has prompted the BC SPCA to ask the public to temporarily remove backyard bird feeders.

Pinch siskin, a small brown and winged bird that occurs in the family, has been greatly affected by the disease caused by the bacteria.

The BC SPCA’s Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center has recruited 43 pine siskins so far in January, many of which have symptoms of the disease but few remain. An outbreak of Salmonella has spread throughout the continent, with many American conservation associations also recommending the removal of bird feeders.

“With a deadly outbreak of pine siskins and salmonella on southern Vancouver Island in 2021 has closed to a difficult start for the rest of the province,” Andreas, BC SPCA’s manager of wild animal welfare, said in a news release . “Salmonella is a serious and contagious disease, so we are asking people to temporarily remove it to prevent the disease from spreading – or at the very least clean – their bird feeders and bird baths.”

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