Election observer says there is no evidence for Trump’s fraud claims

BERLIN (AP) – The head of an international delegation monitoring the US election says his team has no evidence to support President Donald Trump’s claims of involvement in alleged fraudulent mail-in absentee ballots .

Michael Georg Link, a German lawmaker who leads an observer mission to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, told German public broadcaster rbb on Thursday that “On election day itself, we cannot see any violation They “visited” in the American ballot.

Link said he was “very surprised” by Trump’s claims about postal ballot fraud because the United States has a long history of this method of voting going back to the 19th century.

“We looked into it. We did not find any violation of the rules, ”Link told RBB.

He said that neither the US election observers nor the media had found any evidence of fraud, although on Wednesday, the OSCE team reiterated long-standing concerns Regarding the spread of some voters and the distorting effects of campaign finance laws.

Link said there were some examples of errors “but no systemic interference or even manipulation with the postal ballot.”

Trump debated for several weeks There is a possibility of fraud in that mail voting. On Wednesday morning, with his lead in the major battlefield, Trump claimed efforts were being made to steal his victory and declared himself the winner ahead of time.

Regarding Trump’s attempt to stop the link, Link said, “This is something that needs to be described as breaking a taboo.” “He has neither the right nor the possibility to do so. Responsibility for counting rests exclusively with the states. “

The Vienna-based OSCE, of which the United States is a member, conducts observer missions in major elections in all of its member states.


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