Election misinformation fell 73 percent after Trump’s suspension from Twitter: research

73 percent drop after misinformation concerning election fraud President TrumpDonald Trumpsea chief threatens to resign when pushed to establish Trump’s loyalist as deputy: Azar said in departure letter that Capitol riot threatens to ‘stigmatize’ administration achievements Justice Department argues That Trump should be immune from the rape accused’s trial. According to research conducted by Zignal Labs, many others were suspended from mainstream social media accounts.

According to the research firm, according to The Washington Post, following the president’s permanent suspension from Twitter, the discussion has grown to around 688,000 from 2.5 million mentions about electoral fraud on social media platforms.

Twitter first banned Trump’s account shortly after a violent mob of his supporters attacked the Capitol building in January. 6. The forum said that Trump’s future post could spark more violence after the Capitol riots killed five people, including Capitol police officers. .

Following Trump’s ban, Twitter announced that it had banned more than 70,000 accounts linked to the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Facebook has suspended Trump’s account indefinitely, at least until the presidential election. Joe BidenIn the departure letter, which Beidenazar says, the capital threatens to ‘stigma’ the riot administration’s achievements. House Democrats introduce measures to Trudeau to oppose bomb sales on Saudis: retailing in latest sign of weak economy Fall | Fast-food workers strike for minimum wage | US officials express greater concern over operating energy permits to MexicoInauguration, and YouTube also temporarily suspended her account.

According to the Post, the research studies online misinformation from January 1 to January 8, the week leading up to Trump’s suspension, and the week following Trump’s suspension from January 9 to January 15.

While Trump was on social media, he repeatedly claimed that the 2020 election was “rigged” and “stolen” due to widespread voter fraud. However, state and federal election officials, as well as former Attorney General Bill Barr, have stated that there was no concrete evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Popular hashtags used to spread electoral fraud misinformation fell significantly at the same time, according to research including #FightForTrump, which dropped 95.5 percent and #HoldTheLine which dropped 94.3 percent.

While the electoral fraud conspiracy has gone online, mentions of “statute” and “q” have increased 15 percent. Many who attacked the Capitol claimed that they were followers of the principles of the law conspiracy.

However, other Qanon popular phrases such as “We’re the new snow” and “QanonJapanFlynn” went down by 98.6 percent and 95.5 percent, respectively.

After Trump was banned, he said he would go to a new social media platform or create his own. Jared Kushner12:30 report by Jared Corey Kushner Hill: What is expected for the inauguration is that Ivanka and Jared will have a month-long apartment to rent a C service to rent, office space: report whether Saudi’s future city ‘Too ambitious? more, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, allegedly convinced him not to join social media platform Parel, which makes free speech.


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