Eight nuns of Kovid-19 died in a Wisconsin facility within a week

School Sisters of Notre Dame confirmed deaths from the CNN affiliate WTMMJ, in which the sisters died from complications caused by the virus.
“Every one of our sisters is really important,” Sister Debra Sciano, provincial leader of the School Sisters of Notre Dame Central Pacific Province, told the news station. “Not only for us, but we feel they have touched thousands of lives of which we will never know.”
According to the School Sisters of Notre Dame website, the facility was first established as an orphanage, but later became a home for elderly and sick sisters.
Several deaths took place six months after the death of Kovid-19 at Our Lady of the Angels Convent in Greenfield, which takes care of the religious sisters retired from the School Sisters of St. Francis and the School Sisters of Notre Dame.
The congregation said they have confirmed cases among nuns living in the facility, but have not released the number of infections according to affiliates.

It states that the sisters are following CDC guidelines, which include wearing masks, social disturbances and regular hand washing.

“We’re taking extra precautions in terms of getting our food in the room and they can’t gather together,” Sciano told the affiliate. “More testing, being tested twice a week for viruses.”

At the Notre Dame School in Milanucci it was noted that the losers of the virus were Sister Rose Faces, whom her “teaching skills, especially her attention to grammar and writing, her faith, her sharp wit and her attention to cats,” Was known for A facebook post.

Another, Sister Lilia Langrek, has been “heavily involved in racial and social justice efforts for the past 60 years,” according to the Affiliate Homes, which includes proper homes and integrated busing for the Milwaukee March.

Artemis Moshtaghian of CNN contributed to this report.


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