Eight countries sign NASA’s Artemis agreement pledging peace on moon

The Artemis Agreement reinforces the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, a non-armamentary document that focuses on weapons of mass destruction from the moons of the moon and other planets. The ’67 treaty has been signed and ratified by 110 countries including Russia, China and the United States.

The countries that signed the Artemis Agreement agree to 10 principles, including peaceful search, transparency, that provide emergency assistance to personnel in crisis, publicly release scientific information, and safely dispose of space debris. Here is the complete list, as provided by NASA:

  • Peaceful exploration: All activities conducted under the Artemis program should be for peaceful purposes

  • Transparency: Artemis Award signatories will conduct their activities in a transparent manner to avoid confusion and confrontation

  • Interoperability: The nations participating in the Artemis program will strive to support inter systems to enhance security and stability

  • emergency assistance: Artemis agreement signatories committed to providing assistance to personnel in crisis

  • Registration of space objects: Any nation participating in Artemis must be a signatory to the Registration Convention or be a signatory with aliquity

  • Release of scientific data: The Artemis Agreement signatories are committed to the public release of scientific information, allowing the whole world to join us on the Artemis trip

  • Preserving the heritage: Artemis Accords signatories are committed to preserving outer space heritage

  • Space Resources: The extraction and use of space resources is critical to safe and sustainable exploration and the Artemis Agreement signatories confirm that such activities must be conducted in compliance with the Outer Space Treaty.

  • Deformation of activities: The Artemis Agreements are committed to preventing harmful interference to nations and to support the doctrine of proper relation, as required by the Outer Space Treaty.

  • Class ruins: Artemis Accord countries commit to plan for safe disposal of debris

In particular, Russia – America’s foil in the Cold War and the original space race – and China have not yet signed the Artemis Agreement. There is no word on whether the two countries are interested, though NASA says more nations will sign in the coming months and years.

Mike Gould, NASA’s acting collaborator for international and interrelationships, said, “Fundamentally, the Artemis Agreement will help strengthen mutual understanding and avoid conflicts on space and on Earth by reducing misconceptions. Transparency, public registration, decriminalization operations – these are principles that will keep the peace. The Artemis journey is to the moon, but the Accord’s destination is a peaceful and prosperous future. ”

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