Egyptian politician Ahmed Shafiq disappears after deportation –

Egyptian politician Ahmed Shafiq disappears after deportation


  Ahmed Shafiq, depicted in a dark suit and tie in front of a large photo of his own face, in a 2012 photo Copyright image


Ahmed Shafiq has disappeared after apparently being deported from the United Arab Emirates to Cairo

The family of former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq says he does not know where he is after he was deported from the United Arab Emirates.

Shafiq was deported from the United Arab Emirates on Saturday after five years in exile there, shortly after announcing his intention to run for Egypt's presidency next year.

His family is asking the Egyptian authorities to reveal his location.

His lawyer also said that he has not seen or heard Mr. Shafiq.

Dina Adly said that despite media reports that the former air force commander lives in a hotel somewhere in Cairo, he needed verification "if he had really arrived in Egypt"

"Until now the general has not called me and was not called to meet him," he said.

In a Facebook post, he demanded access to the former prime minister – and former army general – to control him.

"We do not know anything about him since he left home yesterday," his daughter told the Reuters news agency. ncy.

"If he were deported, he should have been able to go home, not just disappear."

"We consider him kidnapped."

Mr. Sahfiq fled to the UAE after losing the 2012 presidential election to Mohammed Morsi, who issued an arrest warrant against him on corruption charges.

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Morsi was expelled by the military and replaced by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in 2014, while Sahfiq was acquitted of the charges.

President Sisi is widely expected to run for a second term, although he has not yet confirmed his candidacy. Shafiq may be his main rival in the survey.

It is not clear on what grounds Mr. Shafiq was deported from the UAE.

On Thursday, the UAE denied a claim from Mr. Shafiq, made in Al Jazeh it was, that he had been prevented from leaving the country.

"Shafiq has publicly requested to go to Egypt and his wish will be fulfilled." A source in the Gulf close to the matter told Reuters.

One of his aides said he had seen officials arrive at his home in Abu Dhabi.

"They took him out of the house and put him in a private plane, they said he would go back to Cairo, because they can deport him to his country of origin alone," he told the AFP news agency.

Mr. Shafiq was appointed prime minister in the last days of Hosni Mubarak's presidency in 2011.

He remained in office only three weeks after the Egyptian revolution ended, when he was forced to resign because of his ties to the ousted president.

Separately, another potential presidential candidate, Col Ahmed Konsowa, has been arrested, according to Egyptian media reports.

The colonel allegedly tried to renounce the armed forces to be eligible for the presidential campaign, but has if his request was rejected.

Al-Mesryoon newspaper said he was arrested for an investigation into "publishing a political video and abuse of his military position."

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