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Zamalek draw 0-0 with Petrojet

The latest news from Zamalek today from the official site where the draw was a negative result of the game of the first team football club with Petrojet meeting, which gathered the two teams tonight evening at the Army Stadium in Suez in the first round of the Premier League.

The Zamalek technical team, led by Swiss coach Christian Gross, started the game by forming a team consisting of Mahmoud Abdel Rahim, Jensh in the goalkeeper, Mohamed Abdelghani, Mahmoud Hamdi, Al-Wensh, Ahmad Fattouh, Hamdi Al-Nakaz in the defense line, Abdullah Gomaa, Ayman Hafni, Mahmoud Abdel Moneim "Khabra" in the midfield and the Congolese Kabongo Kasongo in the offensive.

Zamalek started an early attack and left the front left to hit the ball for Zizo, who fired from inside the area but went off the top of the bar in the second minute of the match.

An electrician is back to spur a Petrojet defender and pbades a superb lead to Kasongo, who broke through and was alone in the goal but was blocked from the defense before the ball went off and the referee signaled a resumption of play and the ball went out of the net in the third minute.

Petrojt is an attempt to attack and pay from outside by Hamid Makami, but without serious danger to the goal of Djench and Zamalek try again through the penetration of the depth and pbades electrification of the defenders Petrojt one after the other and penetrates the area from the right side to pbad it cross, The tenth minute of the game.

Zamalek continue their attacks from the right side of the attack, which alternates from the back of the back and Jemaa and electrification in the offensive area, which is like a great pressure on the defense Petrojt and get the team a free kick from the right side in the 12th minute pbading by a handful of cross hard defense.

Obama activates and Hfni from the left side and get a kick on the edge of the region played by a sudden cross-stitching electrifying lead by Mohammed Abualnja Petrojt guard for the corner of the game Zamalek cross the corner of the new and continue with the pressure Zamalek in the hope of recording the goal of early progress.

Zamalek are back from their depth and Zizou plays "Hat and Khad" with an electrified Zizou from outside the area but pbades away from the goal to give Petrojt a surprise attack to reach Piquley, who was saved and saved by Janesh in the first appearance of an attack on the net in the 20th minute of the match.

Petrojet get a free kick in front of the Zamalek defense to cross Ahmed Abdul Rasool, who played a strong header inside the area saved by Jensh in the 24th minute to increase the game hottest between the two teams and enthusiastic of both players in an attempt to score the first goals of the game.

Zamalek dominated the midfield and Petrojet overcame Beckley and Zola's attempts to start behind Rauf but without danger and tried to electrify again to pbad cross from the left side but did not reach Kasongo.

The match from both teams calmed down as they reached 35 minutes amid non-serious attempts at Jumaa, Hafni and Ettara amidst a good defensive position for Petrojet.

Zamalek seek to start the attacks from behind to create areas in the defense Petrojt and trying to open the opening of the gap from the right side without gravity and calculated the rule of the meeting one minute as a lost time did not witness a new to end the first half draw a negative between the two teams.

With the start of the second half, the team's first change was replaced by Mustafa Fathi, replacing Abdullah Gomaa, to increase the offensive effectiveness of the team and Zamalek continue their attempts amid a tight petroleum defense.

Zizo pbades a cross from the right-hand corner to send Tunisia a great cross for an electrifying back from the back to give it a little extra-time, and miss a new chance for Zamalek in the 50th minute.

Mustafa Fathi opens a front on the right side with the score and the latter pbades the ball from the defense Petrojt but it hits the goal and push the technical change with the second change Mohammed Ibrahim instead of Ayman Hafni to activate the offensive side in the 60th minute of the life of the game.

The match was suspended due to a power cut from one of the stadium's scouts to stop playing before being resumed again amid attempts by Zamalek and Petrojet to speed up Zola and Bickley and substitute Mohamed Vieira.

From an organized attack between Al-Naqaz, Obama and Mustapha Fathi sent by the cross-break did not find the follow-up and comes out of the defense Petrojt in the 75th minute of the game.

Electrocution pbades a ball to Kasongo but it takes a long time to reach Abulenga. Petrojat then Fathi tries to start on the right side but Petrojet's defense was in the lookout for all the white attacks and he pbades a long pbad to Kasongo who tried it and took the defense to the corner in the 83rd minute. Inside the area, but a new corner is emerging.

The technical team is pushing the latest offensive papers Benazol Moroccan Hamid Ishad instead of Joseph Obama to strengthen the offensive side of the team in the last minutes.

Zamalek tried in the final minutes and from a longitudinal ball Kasongo tried to hit the ball with a Petrojet keeper and fell from his hand, but did not find a follow-up from Kasongo after which the keeper controlled it in the 90th minute of the game.

Zamalek win in the last minute and Mohammed Ibrahim pbades the cross for Mustafa Fathi inside the area where he returns to Kasongo, but he pbaded behind the bounce of the cross sent by a perfect cross tried by Ahad and Kasongo, but pbaded away in the last minute of the game.

White attempts, despite their lack of accuracy and concentration on the offensive side, are followed by a referee's decision to count minutes of lost time in the game.

Zamalek try again and Ahad get a free kick up to Kasongo, who tried to play a double scissor but the ball did not reach him, after which the winch tries on a cross with a header but above the crossbar.

He pbades an electrification of a Petrojet defender to get a free kick on the edge of the area executed by a strong cross-attack but pbaded in front of everyone to get away from the goal.

Before the end whistle, a man tried a double-edged game that pbaded from the top of the bar to kick off the whistle, announcing the end of the game with a draw between the two teams.

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