Thursday , October 28 2021

The first comment of «Sami Al Jaber» after the presidency of the Saudi Crescent


Sami Al Jaber, president of Al Hilal Saudi Club, asked Al-Hilal fans to support him in his next badignment after being appointed president of the club for a year.

Al-Jaber said through his personal account on Twitter: "This decision is mandated before it is honorable;

Al Jaber: "I have made several calls with dear princes Alwaleed bin Talal, Faisal bin Sultan, Nawaf bin Saad and Abdulrahman. Ben Mousaed and Ahmed Ben Sultan, congratulated me and promised them support for the club Hilal me personally, for them all my thanks and appreciation for their club and thanks to all supporters and prepared all lovers of leader more continuous work and continuous effort to achieve Crescent ambitions, and we will work all of a measure of confidence to meet the hopes of the blue ".

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