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Egyptian artist Shirin Abdel Wahab is breaking into the charge and blame category. Although she says that she is a hooker of the language, she is continuing to repeat the same pages, and the most recent one because of a lawyer who has lodged a complaint to the Registrar General. of the law.

Dr. Samir Sabri, the lawyer, has a critical message in association with the Solicitor against Sherine Abdel Wahab, who said she was flipping Egypt, announcing misleading news, and call suspicious human rights organizations working against the country to tackle Egyptian affairs after the launch in Bahrain. My freedom was in Egypt, which will speak in prison. "



The artist Sherine Abdel Wahab, a huge storm of controversy surrounding her after reporting to the party's River Nile in Lebanon.

And a video of Sherine Abdel Wahab's singer in which she touches the party Nile in Lebanon. A video, Shirin answers a girl asking her to sing “Mashrabach from Neilha”. Sherine "Hegelik Balaharsia". "He said.

Queen Rania

Sherine didn't want the media to take her against when the Princess Rania said instead of the Queen Rania, and so she agreed with the mistake she did and she kept her mistake. accountable age. To Queen Rania, and I'm sorry the mistake has been made. "

Tunisia and Parsley

Sherine published a conversation she had with her daughter, who asked her where she was marking her concert. "My daughter asked me why she was with me?" Said Shirin.

This comment suggests that the Tunisian people had been contemplating Sherine Abdel Wahab, who did not mean she had fought against Tunisia and her people, claiming her family had thought. rather than being home to Treika, by not giving the impression of innocence in the youth.

She also raised the first concert after watching children in Tunisia, showing that her two daughters in English were so weak in Arab, "If I speak my words, I'll never let I'll speak you. "

Opera and "Alkoz"

In Shirin's presence, the concert concert was held at the Opera House, and as she sang on the stage, she said: "I feel rich in cuz, and not like Maestro Selim Sahab tells me, the daughter of the dog, "a huge disappointment to him and regretted the Egyptian Opera House." .

Sherine and Amr Diab

In her interview with a magazine, Sherine asked about attending the American singer's concert Mariah Carey. "The concert is an event and we should be present." The journalist asked: "We don't see Amr Diab at those concerts, but we are not serving Kanad Rahihn, but Di Maria Carrie.

Talking about this, Dina Ali Maher, head of the Etiquette Foundation, said: "There are basic principles of dealing with others and talking to them. Shirin didn't stay when he was She mistreats her mistake.

Maher said in a private statement to Al-Watan that a person can say everything in his mind but in a good way, not to make a disturbance or evil to a person or legal person, such as a country, t A factory, newspaper or channel.

The head of the Etiquette Foundation and a lifestyle presented the simple steps that Shirin can continue to speak in a lively way. She is recognized deeply before you write any letter and think about what she thinks about about it. And to keep away from the negatives, as well as selecting the words used in the present day, and considering the style and style of dumping because it makes a structure today, t retained as well as being temporarily housed in the lecture and by the end of it.

In the same context, Etiquette, expert Maggie Hakim, said Shirin made a mistake and used style appropriately for a distinguished female artist in the Arab world, even though she said without pressure. and that it would have to block and grasp words, and a difference between the grandfather and the joke, Continued by millions and temptation, distance away from prejudice and bias is essential in what says.

Al-Hakim with Al-Watan said that there are training courses for teaching and method teaching, and that anyone desperate should have an impact and benefit, especially if someone is known as Sherine, who encouraged her to speak, The public.

She continued: "Senior artists live and Mato Mahdash heard about not having to speak because they have a place to talk, and you need to know there's a problem, you learn t They stopped, but stopped and talked about in wealth, but.

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