FilG News tA photograph of English newspaper newspapers – what she said about Tottenham's victory over the city of Liverpool. T

Tottenham Sun Hinogen's star took the English newspaper covers after the influence of Tottenham on Manchester City.

Tottenham Manchester City hit 1-0 with Sun in the Champions League league final. (See information)

In the other game, Liverpool Porto won 2-0 in the European League finals to meet our Irish walk Mohamed Salah (see information).

Reviews England is on the news after the end of the first day of the Champions League league's final rounds.

Star Sport published a picture of Sun's visit to Manchester City and wrote: t "Sonic Boom".

And about the Liverpool victory, I wrote "Club players are taking a strong step forward."


The Guardian newspaper published a Sun icon on Tottenham's theme, and wrote "Sunrise".

And it was completed "Advantage of Tottenham but Harry Kane is coming out as a limp."


Although Xpress Sport wrote "Good sun sun."

She added "The striker is standing but Harry is distressed."

On the influence of Liverpool, the newspaper published a picture of a Fermino wedding by Nabi Keita. "Ferminho is over the Liverpool invasion."


Telegraph then: "Ecstasy" With a picture of Sun marking its destination against the City.

But he could not forget the time of severe famine on Harry Kane.


The Metro newspaper wrote: t "Sun drowns City."

And it was completed "Tottenham is just earning but pulling back because of Keane's wound."

And what about Liverpool I wrote "Liverpool close to the semi-finals with huge influence on Porto".


Harry Kane recently returned from a serious injury in the lumps on the left which caused him to lose for a month and a half.

Now Spurs has gone out of famine and may lose their most important season in Tottenham season, in the semi-finals of the English Premier League and Manchester City. T

Manchester City will host Tottenham on 17 April in the final of the Champions League.

Pep Guardiola must win two goals and keep the net clean as long as the Mauricio Pacitino struggle to write history.

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