Tuesday , November 30 2021

British study reveals secret behind mild and severe symptoms in Corona patients


The largest study of its kind in the UK published by the University of Cambridge revealed differences in the immune response to the Corona virus and why people experience mild symptoms during the flight of the infection, while others may experience a more reaction. severe to the virus. , as reported on the Medical Express website.

The researchers focused on studying the immune response that could help explain the dangerous symptoms of pneumonia and blood clotting, and could be used to develop treatments to save the sick.


The study relied on examining people who did not show symptoms, at first, to understand how different immune cells respond to infection, as the researchers made a single cell sequence of approximately 800,000 individual immune cells, along with a Detailed analysis of cell surface proteins and antigen receptors on immune cells in the blood, to reveal differences in the multiple types of immune cells that are involved in the body’s response to the virus.

And the researchers found that people who showed no symptoms because they had high levels of antibody-producing B cells in mucous tracts, such as the nose, so these antibodies can be one of our first line of defense against the virus, while These protectors B cells have disappeared in people with severe symptoms, indicating the importance of an effective immune response linked to antibodies in the nose and other mucous membranes.

The researchers found that while patients with mild to moderate symptoms had high levels of B cells and T cells that help fight infection, those with severe symptoms had lost many of these immune cells, indicating that this part of the immune system it can’t work. in people with severe symptoms.

While the study revealed the causes of some patients suffering from serious complications, including stroke and pneumonia, it was found that those with more severe symptoms leading to hospitalization have high records for monocytes and killer T cells, which can cause high levels, including pneumonia and an increase in the levels of platelet-producing cells, which help the blood to clot.

The study aims to explain the immune responses of those infected with the Coronavirus, how the immune system reacts to infection and the interpretation of many of the dangerous symptoms associated with Covid, such as pneumonia and blood clots.

The study showed that the immune system consists of different groups of immune cells, which are the password for the degrees of infection among patients.

It is worth noting that so far the global epidemic has caused the deaths of millions and many injuries around the world, as symptoms vary greatly in severity and can range from a mild cough to severe respiratory distress, blood clots and organ failure. to death. .

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