A complete story of Amr Waked's message and Khalid Abu Naga and the abolition of representatives

Representation careers union, members of the artists Khalid Abu Al-Naga and Amr Waked, were abolished as a result of their offensive statements against Egypt and an invalid image export of the country that has an aim to damage the character of the country.

The uncle stated that he is considering ideas of the two members, Amr Waked and Khaled Abu al-Naga, a great message for the people and people of Egypt, as their rule was overwhelmed by their will. T from the external forces, based on the will of the people and before their sovereign decisions on them to move them in supportive guidance To the conspirators' record of the security and sustainability of Egypt, so t a career union is representative that it wishes to abolish its membership and free them.

The Syndication of Representative Professions confirmed that it would not accept a member of its native country among the members, warning them not to take away the hostile appearances and tablets to Egypt and its people and time to her child, who is paying a fine for security, improvement and peace.

Amr Waked The artist, who has made many films and has thrived, was to become a true sight of the Muslim Brotherhood, once the rebellion occurred, and it turned out. T to be true to the Egyptian state, and work hard to change its image abroad.

Members of Muslim Brotherhoods came to reach the US Conference through one of its representatives, Tom Malinowski, who is known for his support for the group, especially as a result of refusing a large number of members. of the first constitutional institution in the United States for offenses of the terrorist body and aggressive acts against Egypt.

It should be noted that this suspicion will not stop about Rep Tom Malinowski, when he supported Muslim Brotherhood and his inspirational views against the Egyptian state, and that he had been involved in this. a suspicious conference on the situation of Egypt, but is one of the largest advocates of conservation rights.

The jobs of the American counterpart support the men in the form of Khalid Abu al-Naga, who named his support for homosexuality as part of the delegation that addressed the Congress. T the USA for suppressing Egypt.

In a related case, referring to the media of Mohammed Baz, the actions of a number of famous people to influence the proposed constitutional changes, explaining that "oligarchs" will be like these developments are described overseas as a way of promoting Egypt.

Al-Baz appeared on the «90 minute program», which was installed on channel <br> axis, »that there is a human rights group called" Egyptian Forum for Human Rights ". Liberal Democrats in the US Congress to discuss the constitutional changes and their impact on human rights, revealing that all constitutional changes are taking place. Egypt, and the different people around Egypt nationally agreeing, whether with support or denial, but there are foreign movements used to stimulate the state.

He said the artists will include artists Bahi al-Din Hassan, Amr Waked's artists Khaled Abu Naga.

Alaa Abed, chair of the House of Representatives Committee of the House of Representatives, complained of Amr Waked and Khalid Abu Al-Naga in a suspicious Brotherhood Seminar against opposition to Egypt in the United States.

"I refuse to call on Amr Waked and Khaled Abu Al-Naga artists, and their participation in a suspicious American conference," said Abed in a telephone interview with Khaled Abu Bakr and reporter Media Lubna Asal in Al Hayat Al-Youm on Al-Hayat. Nationality based by the United Nations and based on their relationship of loyalty between the State and the person living there. "

“The information that the group has given in America, including Bahi al-Din Hassan and Mohammed Sultan, is challenging and causing confusion about the situation in Egypt and influencing national security. T the Egyptians. Anyone can make a complaint about Omar Waked, Khaled Abu El-Naga and everyone who took part in the conference They gave them thought that they were looking at Egyptian sovereignty. "

His thoughts were: "The Egyptian state protects itself in international forums, and we live in a climate of thought and expression, construction and development."

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