Monday , November 29 2021

A child in the driver’s seat in the cabin of a train … and a quick move from “Kafr El Sheikh Security”


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The criminal investigation agents managed to reveal the circumstances of what was circulated on one of the pages of the social network Facebook, about a video clip that shows a child sitting in the driver’s seat inside the driving cabin of a train with another person filming next to him. at him, yelling that the train would stop and a panic appeared inside Cab.

Upon examination, the above-mentioned video clip was found to be old and filmed in 2018 inside the train heading from Kafr El Sheikh station to Qaleen station, and investigations supervised by Major General Ihab Attia, Director from the Criminal Investigation Department at Kafr El Sheikh Security Directorate, discovered that there were two residents of Kafr El Sheikh who were inside the train cabin.

After legalizing the procedures, they were seized and confronted with them, they decided that they were inside the cabin of the unused spare rear tractor and that they had filmed this video as a joke, and that whoever posted this video was a friend of They were captured and decided that he had put the aforementioned video on the WhatsApp application and that he was surprised to publish it on social networks, Facebook, and a report on the incident was published to take legal action.

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