EFF criticizes Apple’s pro-privacy tracking change ‘Logistics’

Apple’s recent criticism of an upcoming tracking-related privacy measure, directed by Apple, is “laughable” according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit organization that defends civil liberties in the digital world. .

Facebook has claimed that Apple’s new opt-in tracking policy will hurt small businesses that benefit from personalized advertising, but the EFF believes that Facebook’s campaign against Apple is actually “what Facebook had to lose Stands if its users actually learn more about it “Data Brokers are behind the scenes,” noting that Facebook built a huge empire around the concept of “tracking everything you do is.

Early next year, developers of iPhone and iPad apps will have to request permission from users to track their activity on apps and websites owned by other companies for personal advertising purposes. Specifically, users will be prompted to allow or necessarily deny tracking when they open the app on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

Facebook ios 14 tracking prompt

According to the EFF, several studies have shown that most of the money made from targeted advertising does not reach app developers, and instead goes to third-party data brokers such as Facebook, Google and lesser-known firms.

EFF said, “Facebook shields itself in this matter as protecting small businesses, and it cannot move beyond the truth.” “Facebook has locked them into a situation in which they are forced to be timid and hostile to their own customers. The answer cannot be defended by that broken system at the expense of the privacy and control of their own users. is.”

Facebook has argued that Apple’s move is “not about privacy, it’s about profit,” claiming that Apple’s new policy will leave many apps and websites with no option but to charge membership fees Will start or add more in-app purchase options to expire. , In turn increasing App Store revenue. Facebook said that this scenario would make the Internet “more expensive” and reduce “high quality free content”.

“We disagree with Apple’s approach and solution, yet we have no choice but to show signs of Apple,” Facebook said. “If we don’t, they will block Facebook from the App Store, which will only harm those people and businesses who rely on our services. We cannot take this risk on behalf of the millions of businesses that are on our platform Grow to use. “

In response to Facebook, Apple stated that users deserve control and transparency. “We believe this is a simple matter of standing up for our users,” Apple said, adding that “users should know when their data is being collected and shared on other apps and websites – And whether or not they should have the option to allow it. “

The EFF praised Apple for its pro-privacy change, calling it an excellent move.

“When a company does the right thing for its users, the EFF will stand by it, the way we strictly clamp down on companies doing the wrong thing,” the organization concluded. “Here, Apple is right and Facebook is wrong.”


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