Edwin Diaz may have lost the Mets’ confidence after the recession after the Red Sox

Edwin Diaz is getting easier. The cardboard cutout will be cool.

After a brutal debut in Queens spent absorbing venom from Mets fans, Diaz has quickly destroyed any optimism of the bounce-back campaign, and potentially lost the confidence of new manager Luis Rojas, Which is with its second straight ninth-meltdown coming on Thursday’s 4. -2 damage to Red Sox in City Sector.

Diaz – a two-out, two-strike Sunday, appearing for the first time since saving a game-tying home run by Atlanta’s Marcel Ozuna – called for the Nets to come in ninth place after one . After throwing 34 pitches in his first two encounters of the season, Diaz needed 35 pitches to allow a run, two runs and a hit batter before departing the bases loaded.

Later, Roses would not commit to using diaz in high-leverage situations.

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“A different Diaz, compared to what I saw at the camp the first two times I saw it,” said Rosas. “Not the same Diaz we’ve seen lately. Definitely we’ll talk, we’ll work and make sure we get him back on track.

“We will work on it and fix it. We liked what we saw in the first two matches and at the camp and it is different. “

In addition to issues with Diaz’s command and mechanics, Rosa discovers another problem.

“I saw some feelings tonight when he wasn’t getting results,” Rojas said. “He’s got to control his emotions and that’s something we’re definitely going to talk about.”

Edwin diaz
Edwin diazCharles Weinzberg / New York Post

Diaz’s latest flick began with the lead role for Alex Verdugo. This was followed by a single to Michael Chavis, followed by Andrew Benintendi with four pitches to load the chairs. After dismissing Rafael Devers, Diaz drove Boston Insurance by hitting Jose Perza. Diaz left the game responsible for three runners on base, but Paul Seawald retired the next two hitters to prevent Diaz’s 7.71 ERA from jumping high.

Just five days earlier, the 26-year-old Diaz opened the season with a save, triggering a flashback of the Mariners All-Star, which posted a league-high 57 saves and a 1.96 ERA in 2018. Now, more familiar images have returned to a close that lost its job last season, while a career-worst 5.59 ERA was blown to seven.

Since joining the Mets, Diaz’s 37 runs allowed in the ninth inning or were the most ever given by any pitcher in the Majors.


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