Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Resigns –

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Resigns

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos submitted her resignation to President Trump on Thursday night, a day after the “March for Trump” protesters attacked the US Capitol building, a senior White House official told Axis from direct knowledge of his letter .

Why it matters: Davis is the second cabinet secretary to exit the administration in the wake of the deadly capital riot. Former Transport Secretary Ellen Chao submitted her resignation this week, effective Monday, January 11.

what is she saying: “Influential children are watching all this, and they are learning from us,” DeVos said in his letter.

  • “The impact your statement has on the situation has no misinterpretation, and it is an inflection point for me.”
  • “I believe we have a moral obligation to make good decisions and behave in ways that we hope they will emulate. They should know from us that America is higher than it was yesterday.”
  • “To that end, today I resign from my post, effective Friday, January 8, in support of the oath I took for our Constitution, our people and our freedom.”

Of comment: Chao and Devo are the longest serving members of the cabinet based on their respective confirmation dates.

Bottom-line: With 13 days in office, Trump has lost complete control over his party.

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