EDD Backlog Pessimistic Unemployment Seeking Help Disappoints Californians

LOS ANGELES (KABC) – The Department of Employment Development is currently trying to catch up with a backlog of hundreds of thousands of claims and a flood of fake claims. The problems were so severe that EDD stopped accepting new claims for two weeks, created new security protocols to streamline the application process and assigned a task force to investigate the fraud.Mike Grabowski is an employee in the airline industry who is currently unemployed, like many in his industry. To answer questions about unemployment during ABC7, he said he had trouble getting help from anyone in the EDD.

“I was on the phone for about an hour and a half, I was just trying to get some kind of information. I talked to two different people. The first time, I was disconnected, so I had to call back . I did not do it.” t take direct answers from anyone, ”he said.

Michelle Evermore from the National Employment Law Project said that changes to the system are necessary to make improvements.

“If the state didn’t do anything quickly, if the state didn’t do anything new, they would keep falling back and forth every week, so they just had to stop everything and implement new procedures,” she said.

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