Ed Westwick: Gossip Girl student Jessica Szhor responds to accusations against former co-star


Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr said she has spoken with former co-star Ed Westwick since the allegations of badual badault came to light. "I have to be very careful, because it's not my situation and I'm not, I was not there," Szohr Cosmopolitan said when asked about the situation during an interview. "So it's hard to speak for those girls or him."

Actress Kristina Cohen and former actress Aurélie Wynn accused Westwick of rape in publications published on their social media accounts, while creative producer Rachel Eck alleged to BuzzFeed that Westwick "aggressively grabbed" her bads in a hotel Hollywood. "Westwick has denied these claims.

" He's going through a difficult time, "Szohr said of his meeting with the actor." They accuse him of something he says publicly that he did not do. "So it's, you know, hard with him, his show was canceled, you know, he says: The truth will come out and hopefully people will see it and hopefully that's it & # 39; It's unfortunate everywhere. "

She explained that while she was "shocked" to hear the accusations and does not believe that "the Ed I know" is capable of something like a badual attack, she reiterated, "I was not there for those situations and I do not know"

"If you ask me" I think I would do that to someone? "No, it's not like that But was I there? No," she said.

Sarah Silverman had a similarly difficult time to process her feelings toward comedian Louis CK, another prominent figure in Hollywood accused of badual misconduct.

"One of my best friends over 25 years, Louis CK, badd in front of women, exercised his power with women in f-ked-up forms," ​​he said during an episode of his show Hulu ] I Love You, America . "Sometimes to the point where they left the comedy altogether, I could tell this with moving stories about our friendship and what a great dad it is, but that's totally irrelevant, is not it, it's a true mindf-k. I love Louie, but Louie did these things, both statements are true, so I keep asking myself, can you love someone who did bad things, can you still love them? "

As Westwick is currently being investigated by the police Los Angeles, its participation in the series White Gold has stopped for the moment and the BBC has withdrawn its Ordeal By Innocence out of its programming.

"It is discouraging and sad for me that, as a result of two unverified and proven false social media claims, there are some in this environment that could ever conclude that I had something to do with such vile and horrible behavior "Westwick wrote in a previously published statement. "I have absolutely nothing, and I am cooperating with the authorities so they can clear my name as soon as possible."

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